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Alright im about to kill myself i cant get this fucking texture to render for the fucking LIFE of me please Halp
> applied it as a world texture instead of to the model
top kek
File: materialdomain.png (64 KB, 307x415)
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You got the hierarchy wrong. Every object needs a material. After you've added one, go to the textures tab and select "Material" as texture domain, then add your texture and define how it influences the material.
For Blender Internal add a Material to the table, then just click the little Circle icon to the right of World.

For Cycles (this sounds like a lot but it's also just two clicks, I just described it in detail):
Add a Diffuse shader,

connect an Image Texture to the color channel; ideally in Node Editor (you're going to love it once you learn it) but for right meow you can click the little box next to the color and choose Image Texture

Either click Open and browse to the file, or because you added it to Texture panel you can click the drop down menu and select "Texture" (that's a shit name, ALWAYS name your shit, name everything)

You should really use Cycles, even though BI is "faster" by default you can make Cycles just as fast by setting it up properly but without getting BI's weird unrealistic renders.
This anon has summed it up pretty well.
cycles is shit

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