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New to zbrush, professor went over zremeshing too fast. Any of you guys know a tutorial thats quick and covers it concisely?
>dont use it for anything you want to take seriously
but why tho
because its shit and if you are just learning its not good to rely on it as heavly as most of the people on zbrush central or /3/

it make bad topology, wastes geo, creates spirals, dosnt hold details very well unless you make it way too dense.

>just do your topo by hand.

zremesher is fine for things like rocks or some hard surface stuff, something that isnt a character or hero objects... SOMETIMES

sometimes it works but most of the time it dosnt , its better to learn how to do retopology by hand because what do you do if zremesher dosnt work, or your job dosnt have zbrush. what are you going to do at that point

>doing topo by hand will give you a better result every time if you know what your doing
So you're telling me that if I have static objects I cant just zremesh them and auto unwrap them and pass them along?
static objects like boxes,weapons can be zremeshed
characters shouldn't, you only remesh them at first get them on 3ds/maya where you retopo to the topology that is suitable for animation
sometimes, but i wouldnt count on it working

like i said in the post

>zremesher is fine for things like rocks or some hard surface stuff, something that isnt a character or hero objects... SOMETIMES

Zremesher is create to project to a dynamesh, if you want cleaner topology to work your sculpt.

Anyway you'll have to properly topologize it later.
*is great to project
It's nice to clean up clumpy geometry when you're still pretty low divisions still, to bring dynamesh down to a reasonable size after pulling out forms, and to quickly run a low poly shit job to bake onto if your project doesn't care either way. Don't rely on it to retopo for you, that's not what it does.

Just load in a default and screw around with zremesh on it for a few minutes to see how it works. Probably better use of your time than watching a rambling tutorial.

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