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I want to onion skin/ghost key frames but cannot for the life of me figure out how to select a rig's mesh. I've been searching the net all day. It's not locked out through layers or drawing overrides. Why do riggers lock out the mesh anyway?
You should be able to select it in the outliner. It's hard to say without having the file.
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Go into the outliner and select whatever mesh you are trying to edit. Then go: Attribute editor>object's mesh tab>object display>Drawing Overrides>Display type. Change it into normal instead of reference.
yep, that's letting me select what I want but it's not letting me ghost like I have in the past with simple geometry.
I don't think ghosting works on the mesh after a rig's mesh has been binded to the skeleton. I know you can ghost the controllers, but not the mesh. I suggest you look up Arc Tracker as an alternative to ghosting.
Use a plugin called bhghost
Select the main control and look in the channel box. There may be a switch to unlock the geo.

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