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i want to learn how to draw/paint concept art.
both creatures and environments but i suck ass at 2D.

do you guys have any tips or any DVD suggestions?

i got this 1 DVD by nevil page where he shows how to concept using just sketching and shiluate, its the best 1 i found so far but its still not enough...
Bump, I'm in the same situation
its amazing to me how i can sculpt a anatomically correct human but as soon as i pick up a pencil my brain goes "hurrrrrrrrrr" and i forget everything i know about anatomy, form or anything i can do in 3D

their sticky has a lot of resources on drawing models. Also, I recommend picking up Scott Robertson's book, "How To Draw". It's the best book if you're starting from scratch, and coming from a 3D background, since Scott Robertson is an ID guy. He walks you through the basics of constructing 3D forms from your imagination on the page, beginning with straight lines, 2D shapes in perspective, then finally 3D. You will be surprised at how simple drawing actually is, once you master the basics.

Also, to practice line control, practice drawing different font types. You'll cover a lot of different types of lines and will surprised at how transferable the skills are to every other type of drawing.
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>Scott Robertson's book, "How To Draw". It's the best book if you're starting from scratch
>Scott Robertson
having read all of his books, you're full of shit. The only one you need is Keys
>Scott Robertson's book, "How To Draw"
literally the whole book is space cars and space stations....
in your guys opinion, is drawing/painting harder to learn then sculpting?
cuz my sculpting progresses is a blure and i dont remember the struggle. but i do remember that i sucked ass and my knowlege of anatomy was non-existant in the begining
"Concept art" is just art. Immediately drop what you're doing and sign up for a figure drawing and beginning oil painting course. I know anons like to be DIY, but 1) Figure drawing from a live model is loads better than from photos, and a class is the easiest way to get access to one, and 2) Oil painting is really technical and will go a lot easier with a teacher's guidance and studio space. On your own, you can study perspective and anatomy.

Note that concept art positions are extremely competitive and that this is really only useful if you're trying to learn just enough to be able to develop your ideas for your own use or to guide a team. Otherwise you're in for a few years of pounding out work just so you can get your foot int he door.
why would he need the skills for oil painting. Thats completly ridiculous, why not tell him to airbrush with an actual air-compressor, now that is "technical".
>do you guys have any tips or any DVD suggestions?
>any tips

>There are no shortcuts
>There are no shortcuts
>There are no shortcuts
no, but like anything, education is the best way. and there are DVDs, some better than others that teach you the things you need to know to paint/draw..
Completely anecdotal evidence: all the really good painters I know started out meatspace painting.
Less anecdotal evidence: not being stuck in front of your computer monitor means that you can actually go out and find varied subjects/lighting to paint.
I completly agree with you about going to a class and draw a real human under real light using eyes, brain and hands, but to dabble with oil colors (why not acryl) isn't giving him an particular edge when it comes to do concept art. Drawing reality with pencil or charcoal is enough, color theory, he can learn digitally. Its way faster and cheaper than spending hundreds on canvas. ($ and time)
anyone have good results from Scott Eatons "Anatomy for Artists"?
Acrylic seems simpler but is unforgiving because of its fast drying time. Maybe it was the particular instructor I had, but I progressed a lot farther in my first oil class than in the preceding acrylic courses.

It's just one class. They'll probably have them do less than half a dozen canvases. Fuck, they might not even have to buy more than a can of turpentine. A 12 week painting course will save them a year of fumbling around in the dark.
i have the DVD i only watched part of it (torso and arms)

i learned a lot about the torso anatomy on his lecture but while sculpting he goes too fast and dosn't really explain what part hes sculpting att hat moment and its like 3x the speed so its extra hard to keep up

1 thing i did love is he broke down all the muscles by outlining them so i can see better

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