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Can anyone take a moment to critique my motion graphic animation? You don't even need to watch the whole thing, just a few seconds of it. I specifically need to know if the lip synching seems natural or not. BIG THANKS!

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Mind to explain what that channel is about? Atm it just is some wierd poser shit(not meant in a derogatory way) selling some made up medication.

The production value is interesting(even though its poser shit you hired voide actors and even people to sing songs for your made up fantasy medication) So you make exaggerated impossible claims to heal every possible illness it gets stale and used up pretty quick(atleast to me) I think you need to do a bit more to keep up interest. Maybe include all kinds of wierd fetishes(like amputee, women with huge bulges in their pants or something) or user reviews like pic related, I dont know, come up with something original.

Or maybe you just want to have add revenue money from people that search for treatment of their disease, I dont know.

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