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How much would my VFX workflow speed up if I used an SSD for all the files?

I'm currently using normal hard disk drives and SSD's are cheap enough to get a few... but I'm not sure how much more beneficial it'll be. Would simulations in fumefx go faster? Or rendering as a whole?
I got one recently and wasn't that impressed. Photoshop constantly gave me a low memory error so I had to change the scratch disk anyway. Mari become a bit more tolerable but again I cant save to the ssd. I would honestly wait until the capacity becomes 4tb for a real world use scenario.
SSDs are quite a lot faster, but how often do you swap/save something to disk? I would guess not that often, so it probably doesn't affect your workflow too much. There are probably other things that are a better investment, like more RAM or a better CPU or whatnot.

BTW, SATA SSDs are so yesteryear, it's all about NVMe now. That shit blows traditional SSDs out of the water. Also becoming quite affordable now. I'm running on a 256GiB NVMe chip on my new workstation now.

If your pipeline involves a lot of file reading and writing, you will notice the changes.

Otherwise, stick with what >>512208 said. For rendering, additional CPU and memory (and depending on your renderer, GPU) will be more beneficial.

What temperature does it reach?
Your simulations in Fumefx will not go faster nor your rendering as a whole. Why the fuck should they magically run faster? Its your CPU/GPU doing the hard work.
But if you put your OS and Maya on the SSD both will run slightly faster (less lags, faster booting/starting).

On LinuxMint it takes Modo 5 seconds to start. Blender takes 1 and a half. The whole system boots in 23 seconds.
SSD's excel at speed when it comes to writing/reading tonnes of small files rapidly. But dealing with very large files isn't going to be as big of a speed gain over an HDD, so it's not going to affect your VFX or video editing work very much.
I use it as C drive.
And other ssd I keep empty and fill it with active project files (if necessary - image sequence for nuke and things like that. Photoshop caching and etc.). After it's done I move it to regular hdd.

Computer turning on speed is way faster and time for software opening. I don't like to wait for that so it's improvement.
For my need - 250gb(softs) + 125gb(project) is great.
Use task manager (on windows 8 or up) to see where you're bottlenecked. If the disk is like 100% all the time while the CPU isn't, then faster storage helps. However, if the RAM is basically full then the disk is probably just being kept busy by swap, so storage upgrade will help some but RAM would help better. Also when I say "CPU isn't busy" you have to look at the individual cores/threads. If you're running a single-threaded job it'll be bottlenecked at the CPU bit windows will report 50/25/12.5% depending on your CPU (most likely, there's also CPUs that don't have 2/4/8 threads - so look at the core graphs).

In general an SSD will make opening things feel a bit snappier. So I guess it depends what you feel is slow in your workflow.
no idea, I don't think it has a sensor built-in that I can see, and I haven't bothered touching it yet.

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