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What kind of specs am I looking at when it comes to 3D software.
If you're feeling generous, could you also tell me what each spec contributes? For example, what does a more powerful GPU contribute to the 3D modelling process, etc.
you should shoot for a
i5 4 physical cores
16gb ram
1tb hdd
500w psu

ideal workstation ( resonably )

i7 6 physical cores
32gb ram
2x 2tb hdd for raid
750w psu 80+ certified

cpu : engine of the computer

cores: how many cylinders your car has

cpu clock speed: how many rpm's the engine can handle

overclocking: adding a turbo to get more performance out of your engine

ram : seats in your car

ram clock speed: how fast the people in the car can seats with people from outside the car

>gpu: i dont have an analogy for this one... its not extreemly important to get a beefy gpu unless you are texture painting or doing real-time stuff, or if you play videogames get a nicer one i guess.

hard drive: how much storage/trunk space you have available

power supply: your gas

80+ certified on power supplies: how pure your gas is, how efficient it will be
>2x 2tb hdd for raid
2tb is still a lot of storage man, i dont see the issue here, expecially when you are just starting
pretty much impossible to give any quality advice here without knowing more specifics... for instance for some CAD stuff, an expensive quadro/firepro GPU is almost a must, for some types of 3D modelling (e.g. if you want to render stuff in cycles et al) you will benefit the most from a powerful GPU with tons of RAM (esp. hair strand rendering tends to eat many gigabytes of VRAM), for other stuff yet again it doesn't really matter.
i7 4790K 4.0ghz
Nvidia GTX970
8x2 GB Ram
Full HD monitor

the ultimate monster for rendering / gaming
8 2gb sticks????
4790k is ultimate?
2 X 8GB HyperX :^)
I'm also very happy with the GTX970s
32gb RAM

C4D/Octane render
Adobe things

Only software that really need gpu for me is octane render. Perhaps Nuke but don't feel that much of improvement (had gtx 960 with 4gb of Vram before).
If you have infinite money you should get those motherboards that support 2 cpus and get yourself some of the latest intel xeons plus 4 gpu sli and some 192 gb of ram

You're a bit low on ram compared to the rest and a 970 is overkill unless you are a big fan of GPU rendering.

Also, get at least two monitors. Two is the bare minimum.

There's nothing ultimate in that build.
I use UE4 alot which relies heavily on GPU also for gaemz as well, I hardly do any offline rendering now. I'm using my old monitor but I'm thinking of getting a 3D one. Either with passive glasses or with active shutter, I'll trade that for dual monitors
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mfw I had to get myself laptop because I have to take it with me daily and I travel a lot
>kill me

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