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is working on 3d projects at home a waste of time and life? after many years of doing it on and off im convinced it is. especially with so many companies and youtube these days churning out shit you cant compete with.
if you have a passion for it, no its not a waste.
>so many companies and youtube these days churning out shit you cant compete with.
So you are basically saying you have no ideas or stories of your own?
>not being good enough and not bothering to get good
>blaming the medium
The black dude on your pic is actually the closest thing to a decent person in that game.
op is truth

If you're not enjoying it then it is a waste of your time. If you're not making more money than you would working as a barista then why waste your time doing something you're not enjoying.
>churning out shit you cant compete with.

Then get to a level that you can compete with them?
What the fuck?
Do you need everything spoonfed to you?
I've seen some high quality stuff on forums, but also some shitty quality SFM comic both get popular. You don't need an amazing set of skills to be popular to the general public. Get your head out of your ass and make something, OP.
The problem OP is 3D.

3D is so fucking hard compared to pixel art. If someone would have warned me a year ago I would have done pixel art intead.

Look at Risk of Rain, Look at undertale. All 2d pixel art game that made it.
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gitgud OP
You seem to be under the incorrect assumption that you have to be better than everyone else to get a job in 3D.

Ever see really shitty art? Like one of those daytime television commercials where the 3D models look like abominations? Someone paid someone else to make that. That abomination made someone a few thousand dollars.

You need to understand that in --> ANY INDUSTRY <-- people will pay for things that they don't know how to do themselves. That's where you come in.

The local used car dealership doesn't give a fuck about some photo realistic renders on some asshats DA page. They only know they want a commercial that has a CG rabbit. Once again, that's where you come in.

I'm not even saying your art is bad, only that people with bad art skills are getting creative jobs all over the place, so why can't you?

The best advice I can give you is to keep practicing & to make sure everyone you know, knows that you know 3DCG. The job I have right now, I have solely because I did that.

>We really need a sign made for this...
>I can make a sign, I actually do graphic design on the side...

Boom. Work experience and something else to add to my portfolio. Easy as that.

Worry about getting work, then worry about getting paid. Because you'll never get paid without a job, and you'll never get a job if you never create opportunities for yourself.
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>(I) feel like working on 3d projects at home is a waste of time and life? After many years of doing it on and off (I'm) convinced it is. Especially with so many companies and YouTube these days churning out shit (I) cant compete with.

If (You) want to give up
just stop doing it
do it better

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