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File: Sin título.png (17.94 KB, 856x692)
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17.94 KB PNG
How do I connect those to my poly? 3ds max.
File: arch.jpg (569.32 KB, 2560x2520)
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569.32 KB JPG
You cant connect floating verticies to a poly. If you want to make an arch connected to a plane this is a better way.
Oh please You absolutely can connect isolated vertices to a poly, just use the graphite tools Op.

1) select the vertices you want to become your new polygon and go Graphite Modelling Tools > Cap Poly

2) Graphite Modelling tools > Freeform > Step Build. Then hold shift and drag the cursor around the vertices you wanna connect to generate new faces in that area (common practice in max retopo work).

Might be more ways too, but that are the ones I use and are aware of.
File: capPoly.jpg (178.27 KB, 1920x952)
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178.27 KB JPG
It doesn't like N-gons tho so you gotta do it like pic related.

Why would you ever have isolated verticies to begin with. Graphite tools are just fine for retopo I agree. My way is better and you can also vary the resolution of the final output.
File: stepBuild.jpg (177.76 KB, 1920x952)
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177.76 KB JPG
For 'Step Build' to perform you need a structure for where the faces to go already in place. This image should give you the idea how it works.
>Why would you ever have isolated verticies to begin with

Dunno, but if you ever find yourself having any for whatever reason this is how you can connect them.
Op's question was clear, few things are more annoying when asking clearly stated questions than to have someone inquire why you ever would need the answer.

Yeah I gave the answer in this post


Op clearly had an arc connected to a plane so I showed the best method of creating that from scratch without having to draw verticies.
File: kaboom.jpg (83.96 KB, 1920x730)
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83.96 KB JPG
>I showed the best method of creating that from scratch without having to draw vertices

Oh, so we're creating the shape in Op's image from scratch in a way completely unrelated to Op's question 'the best way'?
If so prepare to have your motherfucking mind blown by pic related anon.

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