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can we have a positive thread on /3/?

things that worked beautifully, your achievements you're proud of, etc.

for example I'm quite new to all this. always heard how a fucking chore UV-mapping is.
now I did my first UV-mapping in blender on a character I made and it was actually fucking easy and even almost fun (especially the adding of seams while checking the test pattern for distortions felt really satisfying when getting the uv better and better).
>being satisfied with your work
>being an artist
you can only chose one.
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>always heard how a fucking chore UV-mapping is.
now I did my first UV-mapping in blender on a character I made and it was actually fucking easy and even almost fun
Goddamit OP don't give me false hope.

Working on my first model know and I'm dreading UV mapping because of all the shit I've heard about it.
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How do you respond to people praising your skills?

> Thank you
> No, I suck dicks
its more like
"hey thats nice"
"eat shit and die plebeian, you don't even know how to start comprehending what you are looking at."
A couple of years ago i was regularly intimidated by complex programs like Maya or Compositing tools like Combustion. I hated/feared node networks, and i stayed IN my comfort zone.
Today i am using Substance Designer, World Machine, Natron, Fusion and i laugh while doing it (because its so much fun).
I have more Renderer available than i could have dreamt of 10 years ago.
I have built my own custom RIG from scratch (including a ragdoll FK), and now i am learning to animate characters. I've spent the last years testing and learning all kinds of physical simulations (Krakatoa/Realflow/X-particles/Maya fluids/FumeFX) and now i am eager to put all learned things to use.
Recently Clarisse has popped up and showed me a world without polygon limitations.
So all in all, i am doing fine, and it only gets better.
>Thanks, but I still want to improve this, this and that
They won't want to just hire you they'll also suck your dick.

I'd want someone to hire me.

Blender fags will never know the joys of unfold 3D
thanks for the inspiration.
makes me feel comfortable to face other software
File: 1413321200768.gif (59 KB, 500x403)
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These are both good.

But personally, I'd accept the praise. There's a difference between prolonged satisfaction and pleasure. Prolonged satisfaction provides stagnation, whereas pleasure doesn't necessarily do the same. I'd like it better if more people took pleasure in their bad work as well instead of just cringing horrifically.

Now, I don't know where you stand on this, but I wasn't saying that the first response was wrong, just that he wasn't correctly addressing the op's point.
>get invited to do the rigging for a project because the last guy was a joke
>grind on character rig for two weeks to complete the requested control layouts for the animator
>skin for days
>pass rig down the pipeline
>week later animator comes up and thanked for the rig and how its not completely fucked
>"you- you too.."
File: 1272929960578.jpg (20 KB, 304x245)
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it is pretty nice

So he was being sarcastic?
It should be the other way around.
They have to prove their usability.
I just pirated Avids Media Composer and took a good look at it.
What a bloated piece of shit. How many programs do you guys know who need 5GB of RAM just for starting up?

I think i'll edit my next clips with Blender just to prove a point. Or use some obscure linux editing software.
No, he was genuinely happy to get a working rig. The last guy didn't even have a global control and made the legs FK.
>unfold 3D
UVing in Maya is really backwards compared to Blender. There, I said it.
File: 1452368901153.jpg (55 KB, 500x667)
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I only know UV mapping inside blender so you guys are free to show me easier ways in other 3D programs.

but I seriously don't know how it could be any easier than in blender.
all you have to do is to imagine how you'd cut cloth or something to get it wrapped around some 3D shape. then make those seams. that's it.
even arranging those patches afterwards on the texture is easy as fuck.

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