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Hello Blender pros. I come from a heavy math / programming background. How deep can you go in terms of custom scripts? Can you make the objects move with a script? How good is the game engine?
How to git gud at blender fast?
Don't use Blender game engine. Use Unreal or Unity.

Very. Yes. No. You don't, it's a complex program that takes time to master.
python :)
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godot's better for an indie programmer

the game engine sucks ass
There's an add-on for procedural animation using nodes, and node based duplication is being worked on too (couldn't find it on youtube but it's there)

Anything you can't do with scripting you can do by editing the source code directly (though it's pretty rare to need to do that unless it's just something fundamental)
don't use godot
Which one is better depends on the OPs needs. If he wants to work in industry, he should ideally figure out ogre, irrlicht, and more of the smaller components on top of unity and unreal. If you have
>a heavy math / programming background
and aren't trying to get a job, then you would probably be better off dealing with godot's flaws. Because if he picked unreal, then all the post-processing would look the same, and if he picked unity, then it would treat him like a copy-pasting tutorial monkey. Whereas with godot, he could look up whatever math and cs is needed and create something that wouldn't cuck his artistic expression.
now that I'm thinking more, I'm realizing that it's probably higher priority to just patch together his own engine from various well-made components instead of getting used to godot's bizarre way of going about things. If he's going to get seriously into this though, he should try most everything eventually.
Game engine is shit, scripting system is GOAT.

>How deep can you go in terms of custom scripts
GUI is kinda limited to what you see in Blender, the rest is up to you.
File: 2016-02-06 04-34-23.webm (81 KB, 610x370)
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not him but he's right minus the misleading sliders
>you can only go to 1 guyz
That's because these properties (ez as fuck to add to your GUI) have a soft maximum/minimum and a hard one. The soft one is for sliding behaviour, the hard one is for entering the number manually. Usually, the soft value range is the "suggested" one that will get you good results.
Nobody was talking about sliders?
I wasn't arguing with you. I thought that it was tangential but slightly related. Partially in jest.

I'm aware, but I'm still slightly annoyed at how they handled it. They could've color-coded the slider or put a symbol next to it that means that you can make it larger than what it bluntly says you can.

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