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Ok, Anyone willing to help me with this?
I have a 3d printer, and I have a thing I want to make, and I do not want to use pre made parts.

What it is is the the corner for a cardboard box, I'm going to glue it in place to make the thing have a bit more durability.

The issue is I suck dick at all 3d programs. In fact the first thing I made was with freecad, and the way I made it was i defined every fucking edge line, then selected them and made a face, while this worked, you can imagine how fucking tedious it was.

So I decided that maybe Modo would be able to get me the results I want faster. The issue is while the freecad has tutorials that dealt in very specific measurements, modo... well... shit doesn't have any, or at least nothing obvious.

So my question is can anyone point me in the right direction, if not help me?
If there is a better non cad program better suited for this, I'm all ears, and I want non cad because from my understanding most cad programs assume quatro or firepro and have crashing issues on non pro systems, that and for the most part, I don't require precise measurements so the tools in modo or other packages should be more then enough, the issues comes when I run into things where i do need a precise measurement.
Cad-ish program
But inventor could Do that in 5 secs.
Requires an absolute fuck ton of resources I just don't have at the moment, would rather do it in modo if at all possible, considering I will likely be using it more than I will a cad.
I can make it tomorrow.if you would like.
Yeah not being funny or condescending, is the model really that simple?
I could do it tomorrow too. Or if you really want it, now?
File: can thing.jpg (563 KB, 1444x3840)
563 KB
563 KB JPG

If its just about creating it, I am able to do that on my own with freecad, bit of a pain in the ass, but doable. This is more about me wanting to learn the programs than needing to get it done.

If you do make it, thankyou, I will use the model, but I can't rely on anons every time I have an idea for something I want to make.

I have a series of things I want to make and print. the first one being a soda cap, I was bit by a spider in the back of my throat a while ago, so I wanted something to replace the milk dud box i was using as a cap. the design is simple, the lowest level takes into account the space the tab may stick up, the second rests on the rim of the can, and the 3rd and final area makes sure it auto aligns when placed on a can.

The second would be this one, slightly more complex, to fit on an empty can box.

The third would be using a tool to add holes to trapezoid for sharpies to fit in to be placed above a calendar I keep. I haven't decided on if they should rest in the object, of it the holes should go all the way through so they rest on the door and have less of a chance to fall out when the door is opened or closed.

basically each thing I make is just an exercise to better understand the programs while also being something that I want to use. If one of you makes it I will use it but I still am looking for help and plan to make it on my own too.
File: anon_please.jpg (408 KB, 1597x973)
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408 KB JPG
Use cad, it's better than anything.
https://d.maxfile.ro/sduwgqexjo.webm 2:40 to make it(keyboard and mouse in my lap).
Here's the part. Don't know if I can do it in blender faster than that. This is sw btw, if anybody is asking.
a little off design, but nothing that should make it unuseable, thankyou.

with that said, solidworks is one of the packages i wanted to avoid due to the gpu requirements, are you using it from a consumer card or a pro card? if consumer, what is the user experience like?

the program seems like it would be well worth getting, however, it has the same resource requirements as inventor... was this used from a solid state drive or from a hdd, if solid state have you used it from a hdd in the past?

i ask due to running my pc off an old 120gb intel ssd that's almost full, i have hdds but they are more for mass storage and games then programs, i'm hesitant to install packages that i know will demand seek time to them.
also, what version is this?
OK, well I can still make the model if you like but I understand the desire too.

I use Max, and if this is what you were using it for then I would download a trial version of any program that takes your fancy. I can't profess Max to be better than another program, I'm not that diverse, but considering how precise your drawings are (to the mm), then I do not see how it would be any more difficult than drawing over your current drawings with splines, and translating them to 3D objects.
How is the design off, I followed your sketch?
2016(I pirated it of course, do you think I'm rich or something). I don't think the frogs will mind using it for learning/personal things.
An above anon already did it in solidworks with a tutorial image which I am grateful for. The reason I wanted to consolidate to one program was due to opencad having very little video resources to use and me being fairly inept when it comes to 3d in general. I went with modo because it is the best modeling tool (or at least the most modern) in how it works, but god help me if I try to find a tutorial that required exact measures. With solidworks seaming as easy as that anon made it, I think I'm going to try to make it part of my toolset.

It was the way that I wrote down how much space areas have which threw you off, the center was 3mm so it would loosely fit around the cardboard, and 1mm thick walls to make it a bit sturdier, so it would have ended up being 1mm 3mm 1mm

2mm cender and .5 sides just means it will fit more snug.

As for pirating, that's the only way to go unless I win the lottery, that said, consumer gpu or pro, I know some of the pro cards are had for fairly cheap.
You don't need a pro card, unless you're doing some very large assembly. I have a 750ti, don't know who told you, that you need a pro card. Pro cards are actually the same power + better drivers, so they're not worth the money in most cases, only for specialized companies that make products with thousands of parts and need to assemble and test them that way.
Also here, I fixed your part.
so he did.
Fuck I'm stupid.
again, thank you.

now on the topic of pro cards, it comes down to the drivers, more so than the architecture.

it use to be that companies didn't make the things work on consumer cards, and if they even ran they were unstable as fuck and a gpu company more or less made drivers that ran them flawlessly for pro cards only because correct me if i'm wrong, a pro card in a predetermined setup is guaranteed to never crash in X program if its certified for it, if it does crash, you are guaranteed dev time and use to be same day drivers to fix the issue.

also if i remember right, solidworks was one of them that really did require a pro card due to performance...

out of curiosity, what's the most complex thing you have made, and how did the program run when you had it loaded up?
File: quality_difference.jpg (389 KB, 863x2800)
389 KB
389 KB JPG
Well, nothing that big actually. When I worked in a company to do 3d models, we were making things out of sheet metal mainly, so up to 15-20 parts, small detail. So basically no problems to run at all. It's hard to calculate how much complex a model is in solidworks, cause it's burden is the feature manager. I tried exporting the most complex model I've done, a mech to stl in the lowest deviation, it's only ~36k tris.
You will hardly ever see a model that's more than 500 parts in most things that humanity produces. Only giant assemblies like cars, ships, planes, etc have more parts than that and it's mainly bolts. Imo solidworks is a very optimized software. When I started using it, I'd check user forums on different websites, the thing I learned is, users who work for big and rich companies love anti-aliasing. They love their pro cards and masturbate to higher and higher anti-aliasing the same way gamers do. You don't actually need high quality visuals, you can do with low-quality, pic related. There's also large assembly mode in sw. I'll try to bring the system down and will write back.
After two tries to array a double-faced sphere. once a 10000 times and once a 2500 times, the waiting period for the feature creation was too big and I gave up, my ram gave up(I have only 4 gigs), but the program didn't crash. Also the full preview worked in 40fps.
>The issue is while the freecad has tutorials that dealt in very specific measurements, modo... well... shit doesn't have any, or at least nothing obvious.


By the way, that's insane that you were bit on the back of the throat by a bug, do you live in Australia or Brazil or something?

Everything you've described is really simple to model in just about any 3D program (although precise modeling in Blender is a nuisance, I think there's a bunch of free add-ons that make it less tedious though)
didn't know the right terms to google to get the results i wanted, thanks.

also, wisconsin. if it was australia i would probably be dead... also, can australian spiders fit in a soda can... fucking horrifying to think of.

i left to get salt for popcorn, gone at most 20 seconds, a spider crawled into the can, so when i sat down and drank it, i felt something in my throat, thought it was a husk (is that the right word) of a popcorn kernel so i move it back to my mouth to chew... i knew what it was instantly the moment that i felt it pop...

spit the shit out, and stayed awake for the next 6 hours to make sure nothing bad happened, iv been bitten by spiders before and back then the worst that happened was swelling, well selling in my throat could kill me so just in case i stayed awake.

thankfully it was just a horrible experience and nothing serious, and from that day on, i keep something on top of my sodacans. only reason i didnt completely switch over to bottle tops for soda cans
is that they fucking leak, which is ok for outdoors, but not for inside.

ok, so the only real difference between high settings and low is how detailed a smooth or round surface is?

question, in the math the program will shit out, does it see the object as an octagon or does it see it as a smooth as possible circle, it just displays it rougher, kind of like an unrendered viewport where the objects are representations to give you a sense of what the rendered would look like?
hmm... bet ur making a corner end connector for acrylic sheeting....for your 3d printer?
nope, it's literally what i said it was, it's a corner piece for a cardboard box to give the box more stability, i fill the box up with empty soda cans and deal with them all at once when it's full.

when i get around to printing it off, ill post the results, still need to do a heat calibration print first through and iv been dragging my ass along doing that too.
File: tris.jpg (257 KB, 1576x1471)
257 KB
257 KB JPG
>question, in the math the program will shit out, does it see the object as an octagon or does it see it as a smooth as possible circle
CAD programs, like SW, use geometrical models. That means that they use mathematical formulas for objects, an object is contained not with a set of verteces and faces, but a math formula simply put, so in terms of resolution they are as high res as their limits on floating point numbers and that's bigger than anything in current polygon modelling. If you transfer the model into a polygon format like stl, that's where the smootness quality matters, for .stl for example you can control it in the export options. Pic related.
File: Untitled-1.jpg (134 KB, 752x1000)
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134 KB JPG
welp, got around to printing it off, turned out pretty good, only problem was on my side with the printer, and it seems adding in a minimum layer time will fix the issue I believe.

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