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Hello /3/ I have been learning 3D for the past two years and feel like I know enough to make a game. The issue that keeps coming up constantly is the feeling of hopelessness and failure to see the point. Over the last year I have tried to make over six games and one game in 2014. These ideas seem like great ideas to me at least and in the moment I get to work on the game. I have started more projects than I have ever finished in my life, always mid project after I make a bunch of assets or textures or start animating. Always mid project I start to get the feeling of whats the point in even doing this, I get so discouraged from doing it that I just stop. Regardless of planning out the project or not it always happens.

Can anyone relate? Am I alone in this melancholy? The past two years have been so depressing because of this empty feeling of not being able to complete a project. In the past I considered working with other people might help with this problem but it still occurs, I no longer want to work with anyone else because I know I will waste their time even though I wish not to.
Does anyone have any perspective that could help me in anyway? Sorry to dump this 3d-epression on /3/, I have no where to go. I'm sure this comes off as a big pity party for me, I don't want that.
you're sad because you are incapable to follow through.

well I think it happens to all of us really, it always starts like you said, sounds like a great idea but then mid development the want to make the project complete is gone. I think the best way is to include people, it'll make things easier and give extra motivation to complete a project.
Maybe my issue with working with others has more to do with the fact that they never really contributed much to the making process. The person I worked with made a couple textures and offered some valuable asset ideas, even a could models. I also think that their lack of knowledge of game development didn't help either. I definitely don't want to place all the blame on the other person when it was honestly all my fault we failed, my waxing and waning apathy killed me in the end.

I just wish there was an easy solution. Almost every day I go experiment in 3d. Not a day goes by I don't think about making a game.
hmm, well why don't you find someone who knows what they're doing.
I think having the right people is key and you seem like someone who is passionate.
If you want I can help you with a small game and keep that pressure which is need to finish a game.

Hi OP,

I could be wrong, but the way I understand it from what you have written is that you don't really know a lot about making games.

Learning 3D has little to do with making games. I think your projects fail because even if you are dedicated enough to make all the models, textures and animations, you still have to make everything work together to create something that is actually playable.

It makes no sense to work on all the assets as long as you do not have a functioning game project to put them in.

You haven't told me what game engine you are using, but my advice would be is to start simple. If you use Unity or Unreal, you can get template game projects that feature everything you need for a complete game. All you need to do then is add your own assets, and presto, you have your own game. You can pick also pick it apart to learn how things are done.
Make incredibly small things, get bigger.

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