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File: doomsprites.png (594.35 KB, 800x2750)
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I want to make sprites for Doom - 8 directional 3D impostors.

Pic related, how to do it in Maya.

Can anyone come up with a decent workflow for doing it in blender??
I can help you with the work flow in blender if you like. I really dont feel like typing it all out since that would take a long time. Feel free to hit me up on skype and I will do my best to help you.

username: dogboy.exe
Honestly, this information is so basic that if you need to ask, you should not attempt it in the first place.

"It says sculpt a model, paint it, animate it and render it."

"Duhhh, how do I do this in another 3d program???"
>username: dogboy.exe
Not sure if legit. I may hit you up.

I'm not asking about making the model, or rigging it, or animating it. I'm asking about workflow for doing 8 sets of renders, preferably in a way that isn't tedious and time consuming as fuck.


Thanks mucho!
1 model
2 render
3 profit?

i mean you dont even have to rig it, a pointless step, just deform by hand
how many different poses does it need, two other ones?

Of that quality you can make it all in zbrush or mudbox, both allow for simple renders and both have better sculpting bad texturing tools ( except zbrush, zbrush texturing tools are shit), but the workflow would be the same

render out, what 4 renders for each pose? 12 of them? then take into photoshop, adjust resolution, paint up some glowy bits or delete pixels that ruin the silhouette, fuck around with saturation and values, or dont
and you are done
considering the amount of the required for the rest of the steps, camera setup will be the fast step in which you can save up the least of time
File: wut.gif (991.51 KB, 225x206)
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991.51 KB GIF
>both have better sculpting bad texturing tools

>considering the amount of the required for the rest of the steps,
>of the required for

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