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Do any of you use 3D monitors ? Are they good for 3d stuff ?
I'm talking about the ones with the passive polarized glasses.
That's something I wondered about as well.

They could make 3D modelling easier, especially when in wireframe mode.
I've heard that it's pretty fun with modelling. But I don't wanna fall for the oculus rift meme again and rape my eyes with the 3d glasses and buy something pricy that i won't be able to use
I was discussing this with a friend. He said 3D polarized glass means a drop in vertical resolution, since you have to show both pictures at the same time. Other than that and the fact that you are wearing glasses, there seems to be no real downside.

Wait, now that I think about it, do viewports even support 3D glasses ? If so do they need plugins

Yeah the vertical resolution drops to half way, so you get 540 pixels on a fullHD 1080p monitor. And considering how shitty we all know that the 512x512 textures look like, I'm not sure if I want something like that.

On the other hand, every VR solution has a tradeoff. Oculus splits the screen from the middle so you get half the horizontal resolution. Active shutter glasses are pretty decent but they rape your eyes far more than any other VR glass and they need to be charged.

Good thing about passive glasses is that you don't need any batteries, multiple people can watch something on it without needing any connection like oculus and passive glasses are pretty cheap.


Modern games, videos, apps have almost all kinds of VR support. Although you're right and it should be researched if stuff like max maya and blender support stereoscopic viewports before jumping into VR modelling fantasies.
Get the vg248qe
its nice that it has 1ms speed but I'm looking specifically for 3D monitors.
>Active shutter glasses are pretty decent but they rape your eyes far more than any other VR glass
they dont, you're just making this up. You get used to it
the vg248qe is a 3d monitor, i have mine hooked up to 3d vision kit 2. no horizontal or vertical loss of image quality, perfect 1080p 60
A quick google search I did turned up some relevant links, you might want to start from here.
What kind of glass do you use for vg248qe ?
the glasses that came with the nvidia 3d vision 2 kit
Oh so they use active shutter, which shut the eyes one by one really fast so it syncs with the screen. Doesn't that hurt the eyes ? I got bad feedback from a couple of people who use that stuff as they can't stand it more than 5 minutes
no, you cant really tell its happening. Watch the linus tech tips video on it if you want confirmation. He has 2 million followers on youtube
kk thanks. The price is almost the same with the passive polarized ones so I'll have to check and try both before buying. Also how much are the glasses ?
you pay for the kit which has glasses, adapter, nosepieces. its on amazon
Don't bother with the polerized glasses monitors.
Yeah, it cuts the resolution quite a lot and the crosstalk is horrendous.

Get an active 3d monitor that supports lightboost and it eliminates all the crosstalk and looks great

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