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File: fake bevels.png (360.30 KB, 1554x834)
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high to low poly baking for "square" objects. i know you cant change gemoetry but i have noticed you can make it seem like the edges really are beveled and its less obvious. i find normal maps easy for baking details in a plane or something, but this im having trouble with

ive heard different stories about making edges and baking it into low poly so its not super sharp. say for example im making a door, and the details of the door is real geometry but i dont want the edges to be so sharp. what should i do in this scenario?

or another example is a fire hydrant with 8 sides. should each point have baked bevels?

thanks for response
by the way you may ask what the problem is by looking at the main picture but its actually fucked up for most of the mesh
I'm not sure what you're asking. Is it baking tutorials/pipelines, an introduction to normal maps, ...?
no im asking if i should be baking high poly to low poly normal maps for beveled edges. for example a door that has all details modeled instead of being a normal map (those innter squares that intrude and extude out) still have a high poly bake for the edges of the door. this could count for any model with hard edges like that but im using this example
I don't exactly know what's the question here, but I have been using the same normal map on every edge for multible different objects to get beveled edges for better highlights in games to save me time baking everything individually and saving on textures, similar to how this is done:

ok thanks man you mind me telling how you do it your way? im going to read this but it would be nice to hear how you do it

sounds like a godsend to be able to do that. i always get really bad artifacts when trying to bake bevels onto edges and such

You make a general purpose normal map with different kinds of edges and surfaces you are going to be needing and then UV unwrap your models so the edges of the UV are aligned with the edges and then a second UV map for detail and diffuse and stuff, so two UV maps. You should be able to make two UV maps in blender but I don't how exactly.
ok thanks didnt know you can do that. honestly though im not really sure how to do general purpose normal maps though. i always just bake one object to another when making my own normal maps. got any links that talk about it more othe then the one you sent me? if not ill try and figure it out myself
honestly you can achieve what you want with moderate post effects, even textures.
i wouldn't go far beyond using normal maps for something that takes 2 seconds to model but you may wanna do smoothing groups
ok so i can make edges seem softer with gimp?

also yes but usually with smoothing groups i have to put edge loops around the corners so the entire mesh isnt one big blob looking thing. thats fine to do?

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