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Anyone using Keyshot for large environments? This is a project I did for epic games for GDC16 but looking to get more out of kshot. Also, just downloaded Maya to start learning to model. All my work is done in solid works and have never done any mesh work. Anyone recommend a good entry level pen/tablet?
monoprice 11+ inch for around 90usd
There's a 10.5x6.5 or something like that Monoprice that's usually around $40 or $50 USD on Amazon (can get it cheaper via ebay store)

I haven't ever used a Wacom or high end tablet, so maybe compared to those this sucks, but compared to a mouse it's a lot nicer for sculpting / drawing

My only trouble is my drawing skill is a little weak, it takes me a couple attempts to get a stroke with a nice straight line or even curve, and if I don't redo / correct it, these little irregular lines and curves start working into the sculpt

I'm sure there's tools in the software that help with this but I also just need to git gud. Also I need to just flat out unplug my mouse for a week or two
Thanks guys!
oh wow, I saw those threads ages ago but I never saw the finished product

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