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I had maya 2015 on my computer, but i unistalled it, Now that i try to reinstall, it only installs plugins (direct connect, mental ray, etc.), not the main program itself, because it says that's already installed, despite uninstalling the program, and clearing the leftover files as well.
I downloaded several copies of the installers, but none of them succeeded. What should i do now?

inb4 install install install
First, make sure you are downloading the latest service pack from Autodesk. Second, need to know what platform you are on, there are loads of files scattered all over that you need to clean up.

windows 7 64-bit
I alrady run service pack 6, but it couldn't validate files, and said that there was a problem with the installer. Strangely, the installer didn't show any errors, i even checked the logs.
I do know that SP6 on windows requires a working install of 2015 SP5 or older, right? The windows file is an updater as opposed to a complete installer like on Mac/Linux. That may be your file validation problem if you installed and then tried to run the SP6 installer. I am also reading that AV can cause issues with the downloaded file becoming corrupted, so you may want to verify that you have temporarily disabled AV while downloading the files you need from Autodesk. see

for more details on this.
*if you uninstalled then ran the SP6 file, sorry

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