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File: make human.jpg (107.89 KB, 684x2320)
107.89 KB
107.89 KB JPG
They tried so hard.
File: MakeErectus.jpg (40.14 KB, 976x874)
40.14 KB
40.14 KB JPG
Isn't this the intermediate form? You should at least post full male or full female.

Are you questioning the accuracy of our medical laser scans?

Those ears look like Shrek's
File: MH.png (174.65 KB, 1024x768)
174.65 KB
174.65 KB PNG
I really wanted to use MakeHuman models for my base/current project.

But their topology is all over the place. They pack so much density into meaningless areas and huge volumes get nothing. The best typologies are off the nightly build's "muscle" proxies, but even they aren't that great.

MakeHuman would be indispensable if they could get a clean mesh with decent edgeflows working. Maybe in a couple more versions.
Haha, ok this is p bad.
File: pic_morpheus.jpg (20.92 KB, 500x303)
20.92 KB
20.92 KB JPG
>completely accurate portrayal of Detroit Citizen
Somehow you have selected the wrong topology, it doesn't normally look like that at all.

Or is this just a shit-post?
File: mh102 vs mhA7.jpg (129.78 KB, 1024x819)
129.78 KB
129.78 KB JPG
If you can find a copy of MakeHuman Alpha 7 then grab it. It was the last decent base mesh they had.

There are some things better on the new mesh. The hands are better for one, but almost everything else was better in the Alpha 7 mesh.

The topology of the new mesh is essentially just cylinders that have been shrunk wrapped around a high poly scan. There's no topology definition at all. They claim this is a feature.

That's the "photo realistic" female topology from the nightly build, it's not the default mesh. It's supposed to be a high detail mesh for photo realistic renders. They have a male version too which oddly enough has no topology for nipples.

It's an ambitious program to be sure but they're hampered by the fact that the people working on it are programmers and not modellers. It had decent editing features but when it comes down to it you're editing shit.

But if you use it as a rough clay form to sculpt a proper high resolution figure from it's okay for that. That's all I ever use it for.
File: what's all this ear.jpg (321.61 KB, 1024x1638)
321.61 KB
321.61 KB JPG
Like seriously. What the fuck is going on with the ears in the new mesh? What medical scans did those ears come from?
Gotta love those PTSD thousand yard stares they have though.

They've seen some shit.
lol makehuman

Just use a DAZ model and make all the 10/10 waifus you want

Yeah but MakeHuman you have rights to use the mesh however you want. Daz won't let you use their meshes in games unless you pay for a game license.
easy, heavily modify them... at least until its not apparent it was made in daz..
>inb4 run! a pirate!
couldnt it be that they made incredibly detailed scans of incredibly undetailed people?
And if you make your own models you can do whatever you want with them

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