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hey /3/
anyone got some experience with this?
I have to make an animation of a character wearing mostly soft material.

The way I see it the main options are
1. sculpting the folds manually - would look shitty because there is no movement
2. using simulations - but those are glitchy and by far not as detailed

Are there any other options like ..
manually animating/shaping the folds for frames like you would facial expressions
or combining sculpt and simulation

Maybe I'm missing something or you got a creative fix for this. thanks
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You can do something like this where you animate between different normal maps depending on the bending. Not totally realistic of course but results are predictable and the calculations involved are very light weight.

For a highpoly offline rendering you could use actual displacement maps on subdivided geo instead of normalmaps.
yeah I was thinking of that. It's just a ton of work if you have to make several versions of your entire model and textures
why not simulations? Create clusters and move them to force the cloth to change where the folds are as it moves.
yess that sounds good. going to be a lot of calculating for the level of subdivisions, though
thats both sexy and smart actually
They do the same thing with facial animation to create wrinkles. I think that's how some of the animation on BF4 was made.
use marvelous designer. export different models at different points in the animation and extract their normals/displacements. then do what the other anon said.
Wrinkle maps, bloodflow maps and skin deformation maps are the new tools when it comes to Facial Animations.

Instead of baking normal maps to blend between you could also bake height maps and use tesselation/displacement.
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