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File: chamfer_error.jpg (265.60 KB, 1258x1051)
265.60 KB
265.60 KB JPG
Hello /3/
Im a newbie in 3dsmax and I dont know how to fix this issue, lets see if you guys can help me.

1 - I have this edge (A) and I want to chamfer it.
2 - Right button, Convert to Editable poly
3 - Select the edge, Chamfer
this is what happens (B). It does chamfer but somehow it gets inverted at some point and it ends backwards. Is there any quick fix or something for this?

Thanks in advance
File: chamfer.jpg (700.60 KB, 2279x1349)
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700.60 KB JPG

It wont work with open edges. You need to add planes as if it were a physical mass.
So isnt there any way for converting it to planes? I dont want to remake all the polygons
Use the create polygon tool to close any holes after making sure you have no "duplicate" vertices occupying the same point. If you do, use the weld or target weld function to connect them.
It seems you want to create geometry from an open edge?
Take the open edges you want to 'chamfer', hold shift and use the move tool, unless I'm misinterpreting the situation?

Op show us what you want to make. To get a better idea.
File: edges.jpg (212.38 KB, 1258x787)
212.38 KB
212.38 KB JPG
Here is the thing :

I followed your advices but I must be doing something wrong. Take a look at the picture.
If I select more than 1 edge it works fine. But I only want that exact line.
upload as obj here. I will take a look
Thanks in advance anon

File: chamfer.jpg (158.75 KB, 824x660)
158.75 KB
158.75 KB JPG
Works just fine for me.


1st one yours
2nd one chamfer error
3rd one how I would rectify model
4th one result after chamfer
5th one cleanup

Try to keep things in quads to avoid errors like that.

It imports as obj triangulated. He didn't have supporting edges in his model.
OP here again, thanks for the file.

I found that it works fine if I convert it into a Editable mesh, chamfer works fine. But its the simple version.
If I convert it into Editable poly, the error appears again.

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