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Any /modo/ fags here? What are must watch tutorials, techniques etc? Personally I'm trying to migrate from 3ds max.
Richard Yot for shading and rendering, Vaughan Ling and Tor Frick for modeling.

They're on cgpeers if you're a cheap bastard.
If you asking something like that you where never proficient in max to begin with Op, so don't pretend like you're 'migrating'.
That you run from one of the strongest modelling packages, according to popular belief, to the strongest modelling package according to popular belief is reviling as to what's really going on ITT.

You can bullshit yourself Op, but you can't bullshit /3/. Our /3/rd eye isn't blind and it can see straight through you.
Not op, and a total newfag to 3D, where would I get them if I wasn't a cheap bastard? How much would it cost?
Nice blog. No one gives a fuck about your shitty rant

I've heard of Tor Frick actually, guy makes solid modo tutorials. I'll check out the other guy, thanks.

You cared enough to respond...

I liked your shitty rant, and the point you made is a very valid one

Not OP here, but if you don't realize how different Max and Modo are in some of their core functionality, you've never used at least one of them.

Max uses the stack. It's foundational to understand the stack to use Max.

Modo doesn't have something like the stack. It's big quirk is the tool pipe, which literally allows for making your own tools on the fly. Being really good with modeling in Modo requires you to learn how to use the tool pipe well.

Oh, I almost forgot. Modo is still actively developed.
3DSMax isn't?

I was being hyperbolic. It technically is, but ask any Max user, and they'll tell you that Autodesk isn't known for their blistering rate of development on anything, and Max development is slow by even their standards. It is rumored that internally, they already know it is deprecated and will be completely discontinued within a few years, like Softimage.

If you're going to use an Autodesk product for DCC purposes, I would highly recommend Maya. Of course, I would also recommend Modo (or most anything else that's viable, even Blender) over an Autodesk product though, because of their shift to subscription-only software and general lack of concern about their customers.

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