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I jave always wanted to create 3d models/concepts for commercial use. What would that be called and how much could I make.
Industrial Designer.

If you have to ask if you need to learn to draw, sculpt, paint this is truly not for you. On top of the fact designs have to be practical and usable.

*above image does not fit that qualification. Stick to vfx. where you can make pigs fly instead.
I can draw paint and sculpt etc to a degree I am getting better and hopefully will git good
Thanks fornthe info.
The pic was not really related I was just posting something physical.
I know a good bit about tech and I am planning on getting a cpu eng bachelor etc
CAD engineer
i think mechanical engineers learn it by default
Problem is I am not great at programming and the electrical engineering aspect are not my forté but I can do them.
Industrial design. You will have to learn how to draw but to a certain extent, it`s not a key skill, mostly sketching and some perspective. The software used in this line of work is more technical and focused on measurements: Solidworks, Inventor, AutoCad, etc.
I took a inventor and cad class in high school
I know some 3dsmax
I am fairly good a sketching and drawing
Industrial design is a job, where you do sketches and 3d models(artistic) for machines. Then you help the engineer incorporate the final product in your design by changing/modifying it.
Sounds like exactly what I would want to do

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