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Is Blender just a meme? I am not a professional 3D modeler, just getting into it and I thought Blender would be a good way to learn but it seempractises like everyone here shuts you down for using it. If so, what's good to learn/ on then?
its free but being free doesn't mean that its shit
It's been used to create all kinds of things:


A tool is a tool is a tool. If you don't like that tool, then find something you like. In fact, it's not uncommon to use several tools.

>Is Blender just a meme?
>like everyone here shuts you down for using it
Blender hate is the actual meme.

If I were to guess, the people who hate Blender are just bitter because they installed it one afternoon, didn't make instant masterpieces, gave up, and decided to come here to troll.
I personally like 3ds Max for creating models, and Blender for animating them.
Blender has very simple bone and animation systems, but when it comes to modelling, everything seems hidden under a ton of menus.
I don't like Blender but it's only because I learned everything in Maya. I like how blender handles fluid simulation tho.
>using blender ever
Just remember one thing; no one on this board has ever done anything relevant.
As someone posted above, look at the galleries of blender artists. It is a feasible tool. You can argue the merits of other packages and improving workflow using other tools, but blender, as evidenced by galleries and movies, can produce results.

If you want to make 3d and not pay monies, you can either pirate expensive software or just use blender.

If the amount blender has improved in the last 10 years is anything to go by, it is not a bad tool to invest in as it will only continue to get better.
If Blender doesn't bother you, there's nothing wrong with using it. But you're better off trying a bunch of packages and using the one that clicks with you. That being said if you start using Blender after other packages, or pretty much any other creative software it will piss you off with it's retarded UI.
blender user over a year here
i wish they would fix damn edge bleed when texture painting, substance don't have that problem, its a major flaw when someone wants to paint even simple things
also they should improve performance when sculpting, a scene shouldn't lag on 500k polygons.
and last when UV's overlap when using normal projection, there is no reason for it to overlap unless you are unwrapping 10k polygon objects
>Blender hate is the actual meme.

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