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Hey /3/, I haven't been here in a while.

I make game maps for tabletop games, 2D things in Photoshop. But I do use a ton of textures, including lots of stuff I get with the various depth, normal, spec, etc. maps for 3D rendering.

I want to make my work better, but I have no idea how to just load up the textures with their maps and output an image that, instead of being flat, actually reads with all the detail and stuff from the maps (pic related).

Is this simple to do with some rendering software, or would it take a bunch of time to output these? I have no familiarity with this stuff.
Its simple if you have maps. Loading them in an 3d programm takes a couple of seconds/minutes at most. To set them up properly you need to do some steps and most probably you need some light to shine on your textures, but the overall process is straightforward and easy to learn (depending on the software).
Download Blender for example and learn a simple texture/light/render setup and you're good to go.

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