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I'm new to 3D modeling for the most part. I have both Maya and Zbrush. I know my way around Mayas interface somewhat, I'm working on learning ZBrush here soon. I just have a question.

I just have a slightly dumb question.

If I want to sculpt myself as practice in Zbrush, how many reference images should I have minimum? I know the more the better. But if I want a good setup how many should I have?

You need a shot of your subject's head from the front and the side minimum, plus some photos of facial expressions if you want to go that far with it.

You also need a shot of the body from the front, side and rear, with decent closeups of any detail that will be visible, like recognizable scars or whatnot.

Having a mirror handy would be a good idea too, if you are doing a self portrait.

Ideally, you would want all of the above shots under a couple of different lighting conditions, because the geometry of the body looks a bit different under different conditions, and you might notice details under one set of lighting conditions that are completely invisible under another.
I about to say wtf is with all those random hoses, and when I saw his feet I was oh-ok, the futuristic version of Mr. Miyagi - I haz hoses - Gardening & Bonzai yard services.
How can I go about making a character model with any outfit I choose, seeing as I am no expert in anatomy right now letalone anything else. What would be the quickest/easier approach for a beginner?
He kills weeds with extreme prejudice
Make a fat person. You need to get the proportions right (arm/leg length etc) but you can disregard the muscles since they are covered with fat.
Don't aim for photorealism nor cartoon. Stick close to reality, but simplify it.

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