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File: 016.png (2.37 MB, 2560x1645)
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How can I improve this?
by starting over
lol dead funny

I like it, obviously colour it and add more shit like barrels and stuff, but it's a good start.
File: 1329584683040.jpg (2.60 MB, 1562x1250)
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I like the concept. Keep it gritty and dirty and put small lights everywhere with reflective surfaces like a poorly lit industrial space. Use dirt and leaking on the edges and use atmospherics.

Also put lot more detail like cables, garbage and electronic equipment
Can you tell us what you are trying to tell or achieve? What's the story? Then maybe the critique can be more direct for that improvement.
and remember if its going to be a darkened maintanence shaft, well alot of random objects strewn about wont be seen, but lighting will play well for those tubular conduits running top-down imho.
It's a storm drain/sewage tunnel. If you've ever played Mirrors Edge it's similar to pic related.

I don't really have a story. It's just meant to be this flood tunnel that leads into a sewer.
Some questions you might need to answer for yourself is:
How did this get built?
Would there be signs of what was here before?
What is the theme? (think civilizations era in technology are they planet bound or space fairing, castles or corporate buildings) Depending on how recent the activity in the area vegetation or moss/mold may have grown.

What is the climate? If the air is damp you can expect lots of growth, if its windy you bet dirty gets in. (assuming this is open to the sky)

Answering these questions may invoke insight to the common items that would be present. trash, tools, plants, dead bodies...
That's 3 gorged
Replace the stairs with an elevator, duh!

No, but seriously, elevators are cool. Make sure it has a lot of wires and shit.
Maybe fix the tiles on the bottom-right so they don't look like they are clearly clipping the rock but embedded in it. They could also maybe do with some structural bolts to help the embedded look.

Otherwise, looks great! Maybe consider a elevator beside those stairs because you can be sure engineers/maintenance could not be fucked to walk up fifteen flights of stairs.
look at the blocky pattern and how the rocks merge with it. It's like water dripping down and looks very unnatural. There should be a barrier between the blocks and rocks and if not, make it look less artificial. The rocks could go down and recede below the blocks to look a lot more real.
The stairwell has those 2 bars for support, but realistically they wouldn't offer much support. Perhaps have them on the corners but they go into it for added area that's connected to the stairs or even going through the center turning point of the stairs.
The large open pipes have the same issue as the blocks were the rocky walls just collide into it, and should instead have the rocks recede below the point where the pipe comes out.
The large thing of pipes have no support. There should be braces on all of them at different intervals to be attacked to the wall that they go into. They look a lot different from the 2 pipes on the top that are braced and connected their entire ride up.
The truss isn't connected to the pipe. It doesn't need to be, but maybe should be a bit smaller and loser the pipe it wraps around.
The balcony-like things with the fences seem very unnatural in that it's too far in. Perhaps the gates should be farther out, closer to the opening.

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