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Well, since the previous one appears to be pretty dead, I'm taling it upon myself to start a new QTDDTOT thread.

I just want to know if anyone has any decent guides/tips to modeling extremely low-poly stuff. I'm talking <1000 tris. Vehicles, buildings, etc...

Pic related, what I'm shooting for.
What is the general consensus on rhino3D?
I used Rhindo 3D for some time while making an architectural model and while working as an intern at a company that produces models of any kind. The program itself takes a while to get used to and to grasp its full capabilities, you really need to use it a lot, but in general it is a program that really eases the task of making models of any kind because of its tools. If you are looking for a comfortable way to make scale models and want to use it for work, you would probably go for rhino (or maybe autoCAD, but i cant give you any opinions on that). If you want to make animations of some sorts, you can forget rhino because it is (i think) not able to make any.
One of the main advantages of Rhino is grasshopper. It's a powerful tool once you learn how to use it, has a lot of actively developed sub plugins and is well documented.

That being said, Rhino is mainly a surface modeling program so if your specifically looking for polygon modellers, go for something else.

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