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Does anyone know how to create a nice looking (but low poly and baked) ocean that I can import into Unity? I don't know how to make the material look good and, basically everything.
I'm pretty new to blender.
Also, the ocean kinda flows into a river and ends out in the ocean again, but it looks like the water melts through the island. How do I make it seem like the water is crashing or flowing?
>but it looks like the water melts through the island
yes. That's what happens when you just intersect a plane through geometry.

first you gotta into 3D, then use something better than blender.

come back when you have actually into 3D
Unlike these chucklefucks who have no idea how to answer your question but instead decided to shitpost. I'll provide some tips.

Texturing is vital for bodies of water, most 3d games with water uses an animated normal map to show water movement while others have some form of wave movement on the ocean model. If you looked at a river in Skyrim for example, you'd see that it's actually just a flat plane that has an animated texture on it.

For a blender animation, I'd just put a wave modifier on the middle of the island and adjust it so that it doesn't animate on the mouth of the river. You could probably use Weight Proximity for that.

For the river itself, you could animate a normal map going down it and have it animated as spreading outward toward the sea.

For better results look at other video games and real life rivers for inspiration.
Google blender ocean simulation add-on

Too tired to find you tutorials, you literally need to just type "blender ocean" into youtube and pick a recent tutorial
why not use one of unitys default water (theres one that looks like an ocean) i personally was very impressed

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