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Between these two pieces of software, which should I switch to?

My goal is to do freelance CG work for a living. I learned on Maya and Mudbox, but fuck Autodesk. I own a legit copy of ZBrush and Photoshop already, and I would almost definitely do my texturing in Substance Painter, via their subscription-to-own thing. The price difference between Modo and Lightwave is small enough that it doesn't matter so much to me.

As I understand it, Lightwave is more stable than Modo. That's about the only real difference I know of that would apply to me, because of the reasons above.
software doesnt matter now post your work

Features and stability of software do matter. Now answer the question.

>inb4 you can't
all I know about modo as a novice cg guy is that friends who jumped to it for modelling said that other softwares can't really compare, it's so ahead its not even funny
I would go with blender and spend the money on a better/additional computer or grafx card.

Lightwave is nostalgia, Modo is state of the art and Blender is the future.
>and Blender is the future.
it's not
Grant Warwick and David Lesperance said that they would use modo if something bad happen to 3ds max

I actually purchased Modo (full) it's amazing software though new releases tend to be buggy until they're patched.
> actually purchased a software
go with modo obviously, but if you want more complete package try C4D

if your coming from max you can simply customize blender to work with same keys as max,only that edible poly thing is a bit confusing to me, i just use edit mode

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