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So, I have a question:

When making 3d models for sale (game/3d graphic assets), should all parts of the model be connected? By vertex or armature that is.

I'm modeling since few years, but I was always making single-mesh models. Now, If I was about to model a block with it's back lid unattached to the rest of the clock, should I just model two separate objects and leave it be, or should I connect them somehow, so the thing won't fall apart in physics engine for someone who will be using it? I'm suspecting that it all depends on the model's purpose, but tell me which one is more preffered on the market. Thanks.
let the market decide. Le invisible hand
I caught a fellow student using stock models in a project he was supposed to have modeled. Upon inspection of suspect models, I discovered the mesh simply used combine. Using seperate poly mesh and display said model in front of student and class, please explain all these unecessary details that is inside these 3 car models hmmmmmmmmmmmm?
No, game objects can be made of many objects

For example think about characters in a game. The character will have a body mesh and objects representing clothing, armour, helmets gloves, weapons etc. These are all seperate meshes in one object

Yeah, but in this case it's obvious that for example armor will be a different object that will be changable. I'm talking about making a one object out of many parts. Like said clock with main body and back lid separately.
For gaming objects should be joined so they share the same UV map area, but you don't have to connect verts. Every single game engine worth using these days can handle floating and interesecting geometry just fine.

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