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hey /3/ can we get some zbrush tips and tricks thread going of shit we learned from sculpting/tutorials. ill post few that i can think off and contribute more when i remember more.

1. Clay brush with the imbed modifier set to 0 works as a grate cavity/hole eraser/blender (does not destroy topology and detail like smooth brush)

2. clay tubes brush with the alpha 48 at low intensity is a good way to add texture to your model if its too smooth or lumpy

3. the nudge tool is good for moving detail around on your model

4. inflating between a cavity is a better way to close a gap than pinching. (works the best when trying to close lips)
Hard surface is a real bitch in zbrush. Is there a way to keep the cursor straight along an angle while using precision brushes such as pinch and damstandard?
you can click than hold shift and drag to create a straight line but i think there is even a modifier in the stroke manue that only lets you make straight lines
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yes. just checked go to your stroke menus, turn on back track than turn on snaptotrack and chose line, when u click and drag it will create a line when ur happy with the line just drag ur mouse back and it will create a straight line on that perfect line, this works on all tools
Rare pepe
the rarest

>mfw this thread failed

/3/ is slow even for general stuff, can you imagine for a specific software.

What is it called/what is the setting when I want a brush that never digs deeper than a certain depth ? Even if I stroke the same place over and over.
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Thank god I found this thread. I'm trying to use Insert Mesh Sphere along a curve, trying to replicate pic related.

However, The closest I can get has the spheres only reduce their size in only two dimensions rather than 3, making them look weirdly elongated.
op please i need this
hmm...there is a way to do this. you would need to create a new insert mesh brush with different size spheres in it than set it to rotate threw it. Let me go see if i can figure it out and if i can i'll just export the brush and give it to you
File: 6fb6091cc2[1].jpg (31.49 KB, 873x596)
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the way i was thinking did not work. the only other way that did work was going into the curves modifier and changing the size to go from small to big to small again. the bad news is, for some reason the small get squished at the end and isnt a round circle i tried to fix it but it just doesnt work.

the problem with my original idea was to create a multy-insert mesh with different size spheres, then go into brush modifiers and set the veriation selection to 1 (to rotate threw it in order) than turn on curve mode and just draw, the problem is the curve mode doesn't roatate threw it on each step and just makes the entire thing 1 size.
other way you can do this is doing what i just said above with the multy mesh and just laying down the spares 1 by 1. or try and figure out how you can stop them from getting squished
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Nobody ? The clayTubes brush can do it. Multiple passes on the same region within the same stroke do not add more material.

What would be really neat is the MaxDisplacement option for the maya scultping tool. You "snapshot" the mesh and then no matter what you do, you don't build up material past a certain height (Unless you then snapshot again)
Oh my god, thank you so much that is almost EXACTLY what i need, and I can just make it work

Blessings to you, anon

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