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I've been trying to learn maya for the last few days.

But I'm using the student version of Maya and it doesn't allow commercial work.

Which is why I'm thinking of learning Blender.

As a programmer, I only took on modelling because it feels fun and sometimes I need something specific in whatever it is that I'm creating.

So I came here to ask, should I continue in using Maya and ignore all of its warnings (maybe hoping that one day I'll earn enough to buy it), or should I take up Blender before I'm too deep into Maya?
Also, I don't know which key I pressed to do this, but my "edit mesh" and "mesh tools" have suddenly disappeared from the top menus.
It's still there in the spacebar menus, just not on the top ones.
The way I see it Blender is an amazing program that can almost everything Maya can and even some things Maya can't do. It's the most complete package I ever seen and it's FREE so what's the problem?

The problem is Maya is the industry standard, so if you're looking for a job NOBODY wants to see Blender in your resume and everyone wants you to know Maya.

I don't know, there's a cheap version of Maya called Maya LT that may let you Publish your work. I really like Blender, but Maya is like the Photoshop of the 3D industry for better or for worse

Oh the windows are tricky, they can open and close and even multiply like browser windows, I recommend you look for some videos on youtube. Look for a tiny scrolling menu that lets you switch modes, It has a little black arrow I think
Thanks for your replies.

Also my friend pointed out the fact that I was in rigging mode after the I sent him the second pic. Big whoops on my part there.
NY fag here. Most of the jobs I find want 3DS Max
Learn both. I learned only Maya and now I don't want to learn Blender, but I should because Maya is quite expensive, but the Blender UI and workflow seem so alien that I just have to start from scratch.

They both have pros and cons, and you could always have some nice reel of both programs and ace more opportunities, should they arise.

Also, since you're programmer, both offer good stuff with Python and, in maya, MEL.

MayaLT is for Game Dev, so a lot of the functionalities of Maya are not there (Rendering and XGen for example, and limited Polycount). But you could work and animate in MayaLT, export to FBX and render in Blender.
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looks like our company is going to drop autodesk when we will be forced to use windows 10. everything goes blender and zbrush now. we got 2 guys left who use Maya only. and that only because they are old fags not capable to learn anymore.
>(maybe hoping that one day I'll earn enough to buy it
>$30 a month
>don't buy it until you're ready to publish
Maya is better in every way. I would recommend learning it.
You should try all three, don't buy any commercial software (just pirate it), a real studio will buy you a license or if you go into business for yourself you can write off licenses as a business expense.

If you're worried about learning one program and not being able to pick up another down the line, it doesn't work that way, skills you learn in one will very quickly translate into the other (you'll need to spend a little time learning the UI and slight nuances of course).

The biggest mistake people make with Blender is not customizing it. Understand that Blender has a shit ton of its power hidden away, it's not like Maya and Max where a lot of things work straight out of the box without much understanding.

Stop fucking deleting the default cube and setting the renderer to Cycles every time you start up the program, make your own Startup.blend (click File -> Save Startup File) with all the shit you find yourself doing every project (i.e. basic render settings, maybe a simple 3 point light setup, a non-emissive World setting or an HDRI, a light box or curved plane with backdrop)

Get all the good Add-ons especially Dynamic Space Bar (this is a MUST)

Make a Materials_Library.blend with custom materials that you like so you can Append these to your projects.

Do the Coffee Cup, Cloth, and Teddy Bear Blender tutorials so you can get a feeling of accomplishment, but don't ever fucking post the results anywhere.

Do a longer tutorial series like these https://www.youtube.com/user/ward7299/videos

Personally I like Blender, I'll probably go back to Maya at some point to see what sort of bells and whistles I'm missing out on (and then see if someone's already made an add-on for Blender with that in it)
I love Master Xeon's work but it bugs me that he can't really "make it" outside of Blender, like get a big paying job making CGI for movies or something

But on the flip side, I guess the only big time artists making CGI for movies are wage slaves in Korea that wish they'd opened up a fried chicken stand instead, so in retrospect I guess it's working out for the better for him
ha ha , is that guy selling a cutting tool with booleans ? why not just use a solidify and separate ? ty blender market
File: steve ballmer tongue .jpg (12.74 KB, 339x307)
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>they are old fags not capable to learn anymore
3d max too-old with windows 10 here, also zbrushfag. You HAVE to learn if you want results, thereĀ“s no two ways about it. Thankfully, 3ds max 2013 still can do it all (all but anything HAVOK related, since max dropped it three versions ago).
>MayaLT is for Game Dev, so a lot of the functionalities of Maya are not there (Rendering and XGen for example, and limited Polycount).

I'd just like to correct one little thing here. The only polycount limit is 100k polys per asset per export. As long as everything stays in MayaLT, it is exactly like full Maya as far as poly counts go. Basically, just keep your models under 100k polys and export them one asset at a time, and you're golden.
>Using proprietary closed source software
>Even having to think about this decision
You're a shit programmer.
>opened up a fried chicken stand instead
I wouldn't be surprised if someone does that (lunch wagon things) probably make more money than a cad/modeler monkey.
regular salary of self-employed wurst-flipper is around 2-3 K. its around 500 monies more than CAD monkey. but also has more risk. love those travel guys in EU who travel from country to country with the coocking rails. even its akward about the hygiene.
That limit is also only imposed on direct export to a any file type. If you use the "Send To Unreal/Unity" option, there is no poly limit... And guess what? It just creates an FBX file in your Unity folder... So all you have to do is use that export function, choose where you want it to export the FBX and you're golden, no limit.
I'd take sitting in an air conned office building modelling over dealing with customers and food, any day.
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Also a programmer here using Blender. Don't know if you're using vim but because I'm really like a keyboard user, Blender fit me well
I am.
Thanks a lot, that was really helpful. I actually quite like Maya's control now after fiddling with it for about 5 hours. But I think I'm going to focus my attention on blender mostly.

As I've mentioned, I'm a programmer, so I'm not gonna focus most of my time on modelling or learning to model.

Since I have Win 7 ultimate given to me free, I've been using that and of course VS. So I'm not that much of a keyboard user.
I tried binding Blender's hotkeys to suit me better today. (Setting qwer for transforming objects)
Now I want to kill myself.
>I'm a programmer, so I'm not gonna focus most of my time on modelling or learning to model.

Well, if you're just planning to make mockups or something, you want something like Sketchup or Cine4D that's going to allow you to quickly create "good" looking things out of the box without too much trouble

Maya, Max, and Blender all have a learning curve, and Blender has the least "it just werks" of the three (when you throw something together in Blender it's going to look like garbage with all the Default settings)

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