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need help, I just want to merge 3D shapes (e.g cubes and shit) into one.

Also Im not talking about 2 shapes only, im talking about like ten.

I am using Cinema 4D, but I also can get blender

Can anyone help???? :((((
>merge vertices tool.
Try union boolean modifier in blender.
You can boolean it, but geometry will suffer from it.

If you want to do anything like vidya gays or animation you'll have to at the very least learn box modeling, so meshes deform properly.
if you dont have many polygons and you're working with editable objects, then you can

>put the objects together how you want them
>turn on snapping mode
>use the knife tool to make cuts where the objects join
>line up the vertices of both objects
>choose both objects and use the connect objects + delete command.
>choose the object and use the optimize command to merge the vertices together
you can join both objects and use merge by clicking alt+M
or bridge edge loops
im talking about blender btw
The best way to do this is using Modo's Mesh Fusion.
In Blender, you can try either the Boolean modifier or the Intersect function.

-Objects have to be watertight
-fucks with your topology, you always have to clean up

-Doesn't fuck with your tolopogy that much since it just cuts the meshes without changing anything else
-Still requires cleanup work because now it's your job to remove the excess geometry.
there's a function like that too in c4d as well
retarded, where in 3d modelling you would this this much non-destructive boolean operations?
Nowhere, cad users need those type of operations.
> behold, i am one of simple mind!

Who needs non-destructive boolean operations which create watertight meshes with nice topology, so you don't have to clean up afterwards?

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