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Hi /3/, I'm wondering what is the best way to learn character art?

Should I be focusing on box modelling or should I be focusing on zbrush?

Should I be learning 2D and traditional sculpting?

Help me /3/. The sticky has only broken links for the character section and something that was written in 2003. Enlighten me /3/, I feel like I'm in Plato's cave.
>Should i be focusing on box modelling or should i be focusing on zbrush?

Both of them actually. Box modelling is good for some 3D models you want to createl but theres also poly by poly, wich is way better than box modelling if you want to model a car for example.

Zbrush is something really good as well. You can create organic stuff "easily". So it would be cool if you study a 3D poligonal program and zbrush.

>Should i be learning 2D and traditional sculpting?

I dont think its necessary. Because you can be really good artist in 2D, drawing, but it doesnt mean in any way you will be really good at 3D. Its something different. One thing is 2D, other thing is 3D.

Thats the way i see.
Unless your drawing skills are kindergarten-tier I'd jump straight into digital sculpting. They are complementary skills, sculpting helps understand form and vice versa a talented 2d artist can pick up a sculpting program in a few afternoons and produce AAA work.
DO worry about 2d and sculpting. They are important skills. Software comes and goes, but those fundamental skills are what will carry over.

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