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Sup /3/

I'm new to this board and 3D modelling in general, so forgive me if this question is too dumb

I feel stupid as hell for asking, but I'm starting to learn Zbrush and I accidentaly hit ctrl+F and it completly screwed up what I was doing... now my brush is creating multiple copies of what I am working on (my "tool"?), and it is like I'm stuck in a creating mode instead of editing/modeling as I'd like

I can't find out how to leave this mode. The brushes and alphas are locked. I've read that ctrl+F fills the canvas with pixels and ctrl_N should undo that, but I can't find my model after doing that

what the hell did I do /3/ (besides being stupid)?

pick slightly related, something I came up with in 3ds max while practicing...
Ctrl N to get rid of all the nonsense in pixol mode then just click and drag on the canvas to create your model again. After that just hit the edit button on the top left of the screen. This is all from memory so hopefully that helps.

Thanks for the help... today I pressed T trying to reach for the Move Topological and got into the same alley: the brush now makes replicas of my model.

I placed one, pressed edit and did ctrl+N to get rid of the rest.

Just for my knowledge: what the hell is this mode used for?
It' some avant garde 2.5d zbrush bulshit, don't worry about it.
I've seen people using it, but it's not really that useful.
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