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Hey /3/, it's been a while. Haven't visited here in well over four years, so forgive me if I sound like an idiot or break some new board culture that I'm not aware of.

I've been out of the 3d scene for a while because I got a job as a programmer. Recently I learned how much people can make just by doing some 3d porn, and I kind of want to get in on the action. I've whipped up a little game and am currently modeling a few high-demand character.

I've never really done much character modeling, so I'm not well versed on the important topologies associated with certain parts of the body. Pic related is of a character that's in high demand that I've been working on. I rigged the sucker up, but was getting really poor deformation in the hips. Upon looking up proper hip topology, I saw that mine was quite a ways off. Is there a way to make this kind of topology properly deform, or do I need to go back and fix it?
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Your edgeflow really needs work, you can improve the butt cheeks and stomach flow. I'm still working at mine, but maybe this will help.

You can use blendshapes to correct deformation too, you can set them up to gradually turn on as you rotate the joint. Look into corrective shapes.
where this come from shit
File: char_03.png (186.58 KB, 1699x779)
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Yeah, it really did need work. I've decided the model really needs to be retopologized in some major areas and have gone to work on it.

A big problem is the character is humanoid in shape, but not actually a human. They don't have any defined muscles or anything of the like, so I'm trying to get proper topology without defining muscle groups since that'd look super awkward for the character.

>You can use blendshapes to correct deformation too
My project is going to be a scene that allows you to pose the character in realtime and interact with them (that is to say a game). How would blendshapes factor in to a situation where the user could potentially post the character in any number of poses? I'd like to use them, but I don't know how to utilize them in a realtime environment where the user can pose the character however they like.
File: rocky horror face look.png (130.76 KB, 320x240)
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that just epic
Wow Nice, so you're doing Gardevoir? That's really interesting, I like making Pokemon models too, do you have Skype? I would like to see your models, maybe I can help out

The shapekeys are usually driven by bone postitions from the rig. Say you have a shapekey for the glutes, so that when leg is bent all the way up, the shapekey corrects the deformation from the rig. In this case the shapekey would be driven by the leg bones rotation on certain axis.
If you are planning on making any money with this kind of thing, you can't use characters owned by others, especially by big multinational companies like Nintendo. Even if you change the characters a bit and change their names, it would still seem like a risky move.

Instead if you make a platform where users can easily create the content themself, you can weasel out of the responsibility, but you would have to be super careful with the user agreements, leagal terms and such.
But if its porn then its considered a parody or derivative work right? because Hentai has a lot of famous characters and they don't get sued?
Porn is explicitly protected as a form of parody, yes.
That's good to know, if companies could sue for porn Hentai would disappear lol

Here, I made this Mega Gardevoir last year
Japan is just not a very litigious nation. There have been some note able cases of small time artists who draw or host western based artwork have been sued.

Some guy drawing a comic about Disney's robin hood (the fox guy) being kidnapped by furries from the future in a time machine to be some king's sex slave got a cease and desist over it. And in the early 00's hentai hosting sites went down all the time from cease and desists. That's why a lot of websites have something like "by entering this site you agree not to sue us" line.
Yea is Bullshit, I wouldn't mind anyone using characters I made as is a parody/fanart and I get credit for being the creator. If anything it makes your characters more popular
You and Nintendo might have somewhat differing opinions on things...
What do you mean? Where I got the model? I made it.
Sure, do you have an e-mail where I can contact you? I'm working on a small h-game and help is always appreciated. Well, not always, but most of the time.

This is good to know. I really don't have any experience with rigging or setting up characters for games. Like I said, I'm more of a programmer. Thanks for the info, anon.

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