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File: nga7u0p - Imgur.gif (1.71 MB, 500x500)
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Looking for help, how would I go about making my own 3d rotating gifs such as this one. What programs do I need. If there are any guides available someone can point me towards thanks.
xara 3d
Ty, got zara 3d and it seems to work, it isn't as pefect as I want it but I'm getting there thanks
somebody came here like 2 months ago asking the exact same question
Hey. I'm the one that made that gif.
I used 3ds max 2014 with vray using a gold shader.
I used a similar shader for this video.
More gifs I made here:
I just did this yesterday. Whatever Animated sequence you want to render such as a rotating object. Just go through the usual process in whatever software package you are using. (I used 3dsmax) Then after i chose to render out 60 pictures, i went to https://imgflip.com/images-to-gif and drag and dropped all of them and that was it. Their are even settings to tweak how it outputs into gif.
File: tjwdZ3V.gif (1.47 MB, 540x500)
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I just render out from 3ds max and load it into photoshop to optimize a gif out.

If I plan to use after effects before then I just render out a RPF from 3ds max since it stores cool things like depth information and camera position and uvs and such.

Either way. I export a .mov file with PNG frames and use photoshop to make a gif.

Assuming you're telling the truth, how fucking good does it feel to see your work get reposted?

I can't even imagine what it feels like to have contributed OC that actually sticks, like the first people to generate why.jpg
File: good-shit-HD-500.gif (334.64 KB, 500x281)
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Very apathetic about it. At least now that I'm doing more paid-work and dont have much time to passively make those kind of things at the pacing I used to. I see it reposted on tumblr and twitter and 4chan a lot and it's really just another lump on the landfill at this point.

I'm also responsible for that "Good shit" meme and I feel the same way.
it happens all the time on /ic/

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