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I need something done.

>inb4 this is not a request board.

I know very little about 3d modeling, but I also need an animation of the male genitalia, specifically the testes rising up into the body and lowering back down again, like what happens when the temperature changes. Preferably with a dick hanging there too. It doesn't have to be SUPER realistic, although it should very much resemble a penis, maybe something like what a diagram in a medical book would look like, but 3d. A cross sectional view of the scrotum would be cool and very much appreciated, but not necessary.

You don't have to render it, you can send the animated model to me in a .blend file (post a link in this thread) and I will render it out myself. It doesn't need to be textured either. I'm just looking for the shape of the junk to me more or less accurate.

So go post a job on fiverr or something. Anyone that is half decent at this stuff expects to be paid.

The only ways most would do anything for free is if it's a personal project of their own, or if it's for a small charity without the money to hire someone.
Couldn't this be done very easily by using morpher targets?

Anyway, getting something done for free to you is probably not gonna happen.
You can do this quite easily in Blender using shape keys. I have a Makehuman figure with male genitalia and can control an erect member. I don't think it's wise for me to post it on a blue board (as I have warnings already and can't risk a ban as I can't change my IP )

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