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File: Iblis Infernalis.png (1.34 MB, 1474x990)
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1.34 MB PNG
evolutionary contradiction/10


>evolutionary contardiction
fedora swordsman/10

It's well done, but demons and fantasy creatures are start to become boring subject, if you want to depict a demon try a more original approach.
No not really. It's got a major case of zBrush blob. Nothing looks done on purpose and none of the forms are refined.
There isn't even a definite inside/outside of the mouth so the teeth look like they're coming in through the lips, but not in a "fucked up teeth" kinda way.

>how do you know it's not supposed to look like that?

Because flawless renderings of polarbears in snowstorms look like blank pieces of paper, and flawless sculpts of half assed blob monsters look like half assed blob monsters.
Hi, it looks alright, I want you too know I am not a character artist. However, as other people have said, it definitely has blob mentality behind it. Sorry mate.
>unable to even detect samefag
literally new
-no lips
-neck anatomy a mess
-dual eye sockets?
-horns lack a decent pattern
-where his jaw muscles?

you need to plan out your creatures better, also make sure your main anatomy landmarks make logical sense
also study horns, especially how they grow and different types of them, horns always have some pattern to them depending on how they grow
Is it supposed to be wearing its own head? If so you got tke look. Otherwise remove the double eye sockets or make the eye sockets closer.

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