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File: wut.png (411.51 KB, 1920x1080)
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I was modeling this fine lady when all of a sudden a huge hole appeared right on her bottom and genital (no jokes pls)

How do I fix this? It's only like this when I turn proxy smooth on. Otherwise, there's no problem with the mesh. The polygons are still there, they're just see-through for some reason. The only material on the mesh is a blinn.
Try deleting the history.
Op here. Thanks. It worked. How do you know?

Because everything you do in maya creates a node, and the very next operation creates a node on that node.

If you don't delete history, then your mesh is a veeeery long string of nodes and if something goes wrong in only one of them, then shit hits the fan.

Deleting the history brings it back down to one node (The mesh itself).

See ya next semester, Emile.
Wtf, you're not OP. I am.
Hey Yan, the guy you replied to wasn't me, don't know why he's posing as me. It was actually a graphics problem. (I tried deleting the history many times, but loading the same scene on a different computer fixed it somehow).

Seeya soon!

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