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Hi guys. This is my last semester as a BFA at Calarts. Now i kind of fucked up. I ended up in the film/video department rather than the character animation dept. It wasnt a waste of time, and pixar still hires film majors (not just animation majors) but heres the deal - there is no basic maya classes at this time. I am planning on taking a zbrush/maya character creation class, a maya rigging class, and cinema 4d. My roomate upstairs says that in my case, cinema 4d would be redundant and not really help me get to pixar or learn maya. What do you guys think? Is it worth taking in liue of a maya class? Do you think I will learn enough through the rigging and character creation class?
Film major? You know that you dont need to go to school for that, right? Quentin Tarantino worked at a video store only, and even that wouldnt be neccessary now with the digital age.

You fucked up, and pixar hiring you is probably as likely as pigs flying
Yeah, the thing is I already went... so.
still he can work at other things aside from animated cartoons, it def helps when applicating

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