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What program does Nintendo use to do all their 3D marketing artwork? And how hard is it to learn? Thanks in advance!
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This type of 3D work. What program(s)?
I'd imagine it's a combination of a ton of different software in their workflow.

And at higher levels of the 3D industry, it ultimately comes down to whatever the pro is comfortable with. So realistically, it's really anyone's guess what specifically they use.

You'll probably want to look into the following though.

A polymodeller: 3DS Max, or Maya will do fine

And that's just to start. You'll probably want to start looking into rendering engines and shit like that later. And that doesn't even begin to cover additional shit like plugins that no doubt Nintendo uses.

Basically, its a fucking career. You're not going to learn Nintendo level skills for fun on the side.
probably softimage for modeling. that's what seems to be most common in the japanese game industry at least. it's as hard to learn as any other 3d package.
also this: >>508413
> it's as hard to learn as any other 3d package
Actually no, Softimage is one of the most praised packages when it comes to ease of use. A lot of development was focused on that. I would definitely recommend it as a first 3D package. And it's ICE system will make you feel wanting in other 3D packages at times... Also, FaceRobot is bae.
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