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If I have a 5 million poly sculpt and retopo it to a 5k poly mesh, how do I bake ambient occlusion and other bump maps?

The UVs are completely different.

What is the workflow?

Berserk shame the guy went crazy on Idolmaster
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how bout dis? ????

take 5 mil poly


UV it

divide it

sculpt on divide

UVs will be the same just more loop cuts

does this work?? :^))))
I'm gonna try to be actually helpful instead of shitposting for once.

So say you started in Sculptris and you made a 5million poly scuplt of your waifu's boobs. With all the little bumps on the nipples and everything. But you need to put this shit in waifu simulator2k4.exe right so you need to bake that shit for like a good 20 minutes. First thing you do is you open up your Blender and and shove that shit in there, and make it all lowpoly reopo. I'd tell you how to do it but I'm not a cromagnon so I don't use that shit. Anyway now you got your 5k waifu titties and they look like shit cause. So you unwrap it like a new sex toy from your boyfriend, normalmapped for your pleasure. Once you got it unwrapped this is where the tricky part happens.

Now you take your original 5m poly model and line it up exactly with your 5k reduced model. You save your low poly model as an OBJ and make sure that it saves the mapping coordinates that you made when unwrapping. You also save out your original highpoly again with the same settings to make sure the two objs match up. Then you pop open xnormal and follow this tutorial http://docs.cryengine.com/display/SDKDOC2/Ambient+Occlusion+and+Normal+map+bake+using+Xnormal

You're welcome anon. I'm high as shit.
>I'm not a cromagnon so I don't use that shit.
420blazeitfgt Blender can bake UV data from hipoly to lopoly meshes
So can Max and Mudbox but I still use xNormal cause it works consistently and I'm used to it.
Except it doesn't bake the normals in 16bit space so you get texture banding issues in flat areas.
How about baking it Substance painter?
I also get a problem with baking from low poly to high poly.

I made this exosceleton with lots of hard surface bits and small objects. The problem is since there are so many pieces and bits and some of the clipping through each other etc. the low poly bake often times projects the wrong surface. I have been trying to bake some pieces, hide those and bake the others and combine the normal maps of all pieces in Photoshop, but thats kinda tedious. Is there a way to bake only the outermost surface of the highpoly(trying to bake in Blender)
Yes, by using a "cage mesh", dunno if Blender supports that, it should, but it not, xNormal does and is free too and the industry standard. Basically you duplicate your low poly and pull some of the areas out so that nowhere on your high-poly is this low poly "cage mesh" penetrating it, not even the screws. If you need to add more edges to pull areas out, do so. The baker will then use this version of your low-poly as the projection-from surface and will transfer the results to your low poly.
None of you answered this question.

How do you take a zbrush bust retopo with bump maps? They're different UVs.
this is what i do which isn't the best way

>after the final model is done duplicate it to have 2 highpoly models
>zremesh or decimate the second to about 100k or something that won't lag too much
>export both high and low poly models
>goto blender/max/maya
>retopo the whole thing if you need to (if it needs to be animated)
>go to xnormal,load up both files, make sure normals are smoothen beforehand or click "average normals" in xnormal
>go to baking option,select output path and settings (texture size etc)
>hit bake
forgot about seams and UV, do that in your modeling programs or use the one zbrush gives you but only after you finish retop

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