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So, /3/, I've been looking into helping someone start a render farm. I know most of the tech basics required, how to operate the software and how to organize some things, but there's always more to know.

Do you guys have any documentation with all kinds of info on this?

One specific thing I'm interested in is if we can make the client access the service directly and not have to send us the scenes beforehand. If not, I guess they'll have to interact with people, right?
depends what software you're using
We plan on using vray for starters, but expand to others as soon as possible. We'll be offering support for blender too, since it's free.
how much will this operation cost you anon?
We're trying to stay within 100k euro total costs.
The service can be fully automated, no need to interact with people, but you probably need to write your own website(both front-end and back-end).
I have some experiences with Amazon Web Services(so called cloud computing), they are pretty good for medium to huge websites, scalability is the key. Also check out some modern techs like docker, chef etc.
That's really interesting. You don't happen to have any documentation on hand, do you?
too funny.
Go on 4chan
ask for docs
receive docs
Seriously bud you ever heard of closely guarded proprietary secrets. This ain't the kind of shit people who have personal knowledge of are gonna divulge.
I'm just searching for any and all information, not necessarily in-depth documents or source code.

Of all places to ask for information, don't tell me I should shy away from asking an anonymous image board. I usually answer questions myself around here if I know the topic at hand.
Anyone know what kind of slave stations to use for this?

Many cores, lots of ram, nothing else, cost efficient.
you can get a render farm for 100 bucks. slowly rent it out over a network. buy more and grow from there.
there are no docs about 'how to built a renderfarm and make infinit money'.

first you have to invest - and I don't mean the hardware only. You need Plugins for all support software (3dsmax, Maya, plugins included) where your customers can auto-submit there scenes, and you need an automated credit/billing system, and trust me, all software contains bugs so you need a technical guru to find and fix these bugs because everyone using renderfarms is near, or already over the deadline (which is also a nice renderfarm-manager)
>'how to built a renderfarm and make infinit money'.

How we get from asking for any advice for renderfarms on /3/ to this?

These kinda things make me question wheter I'm that bad at expressing myself or if people project like crazy.

Still thanks all for your posts.

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