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Hi /3/
I'm starting in this whole world of 3D modeling, so I've been thinking on changing to Ubuntu, so far I know there are some good alternatives to what you use on Windows and I know Blender is the shit but are those alternatives good enough?
I want to know your opinions/experiences on that subject, would be much appreciated.
I would recommend Xubuntu instead of using Ubuntu. XFCE has a slightly better performance in OpenGL (for the viewport), and it has no annoying things like this Amazon ads Canonical brought to Ubuntu (i don't know if they are still doing this but thy did in the past).

I use Blender on Xubuntu, and i have nothing to complain about. The only thing you should do is to install Synaptic (this package manager frontend is much better then the one Ubuntu/Xubuntu uses by default) and to install nvidia-modprobe. Both are easily installable by using the packages Xubuntu provides in the online repositories.
I assume you're using a Nvidia GPU, what i recommend too.
Many thanks, I'll be trying that what you said.
I'll be posting more doubts in the future.
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ubuntu studio is worth checking out
I recently installed a Linux Mint with Plasma Desktop, but its awful, performance wise. Slightly over 10% CPU usage when running nothing but a Firefox.
Plasma alone takes 7% while doing nothing?
It looks nice but so much power consumption is unnaccepable.

OP check out Modo. I just fell in love with it. Seems like it has awesome efficent Modeling tools and the Unwrapping tools are pure magic.
For Handpainted Textures i use Krita, or for drawing in general.
Not OP but what if I use Radeon and want to go full linux/blender mode ? Anything I should know ?
OP here.
As soon as I get my pc back I will take a look to all that you guys said.
I also want to know (if you are using a Linux based OS) what kind of software are you using?

The Blender package in Ubuntu used to be lacking quite a few features. Not sure if that's still the case, but you're best off either downloading and installing it manually (pretty much just untarring the .tgz and running blender from inside that directory) or compiling it yourself (not a task for newbs - if you go this route, don't use gcc 5 - it doesn't work for some of the dependencies).

I agree with >>508046 that straight Ubuntu probably isn't what you want. If you're used to Windows, try Mint with the Cinnamon desktop. It's an Ubuntu derivative so you get all the Ubuntu goodies without the insanely lame desktop. The latest Kubuntu seems to work pretty well (15.04 had issues...) for me so far.

Add the xorg-edgers ppa (and the proprietary driver ppa linked from its launchpad page) if you have an NVidia card. Blender often requires versions of CUDA that haven't made it into Ubuntu proper.

Bear in mind you'll be leaving Photoshop land. You'll have to learn GIMP if you're not already familiar with it. It's not hard, just different - stick with it and you'll feel at home soon enough.

Cycles' OpenCL performance isn't on par with CUDA yet, and probably won't be for a while. It works, from what I hear, on some cards anyway. The Blender devs are working with a development team at AMD to fix this, but given that Blender's development is about to shift away from rapid release in preparation for 2.8 and above, I doubt a stable release with good OpenCL performance will be available anytime soon.

I have no idea what the proprietary drivers for AMD are like. I stopped buying ATI when they decided not to make a Windows 2K driver for my Rage Fury MaXX. I haven't heard much good stuff about them since, and NVidia just works for me. That said, there are a lot of people using AMD's drivers on Linux, and apparently it works for them.
Nice! I'll have that in mind.
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Anon Thank You, very helpful I will take it from here. I understand You can be angry at AMD, I got little budget and every penny counts so they are my best option. I hope they won't let me down.
Do You have any knowledge about apps like MARI and NUKE working on both NVIDIA and AMD cards ? on linux maybe? I work with movies a lot and those are "must-know" programs.Also not that cheap and I don't earn enought to afford them easily thats why blender is my first bet.
>I got little budget and every penny counts
Uhh, Nvidia cards are priced better price/performance wise. You just needed to do some research on what's the best Nvidia gpu in your price range.
File: ayyyyagain.jpg (84.38 KB, 712x712)
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>Nvidia cards are priced better price/performance wise.

Maybe I'm wrong but last time I've checked R9 390x was 100$ cheaper than GTX 980 and both of them seems the same... performance wise. I can take that money and instead of i5 4690K buy i74790K. Or maybe its all very very wrong and there are some details I'm not aware of but it doesn't look like Nvidia is better priced to me.

I have no idea about Mari and NUKE, I'm just a hobbyist that follows the Blender mailing lists.

I didn't mean to give you the impression that I have beef with AMD. That's old news, I got over it before AMD bought ATI. I've used NVidia exclusively for the last fifteen years and know that their cards work well for me.

I'm not a GPU programmer, but from what I can tell the story is this: Brecht (the guy that wrote Cycles) originally chose CUDA for the GPU code and wrote the kernel in a monolithic fashion. CUDA can handle that, but OpenCL apparently can't; I'm not sure if that's because of something specific to Radeon cards or not, but I do know there were issues with the Radeon drivers for a while that the AMD guys had to fix. The current work is focused on splitting the large kernel into a modular system that Radeon cards can handle. AMD is helping the Cycles team with the project.

Now, I do know (from secondhand sources) that Luxrender works fine with Radeon cards, so all this is moot if you're not going to use Cycles.

However, don't think you have to go buy a Titan to render pictures. I've got a 770 and it works fine. The only advantage a new (and expensive) card gets you is that it'll be a bit faster. It's up to you to decide if that extra speed is worth the price; for me, it wasn't. Whatever you get, VRAM is what you want to focus on. If your choice is between speed and VRAM, get the extra VRAM. I've got 3 gigs and it's been enough for everything I do.
Depends on the task, m8to.
For gaming it's wiser to get an amd, because better price/performance ratio.
For GPU rendering Nvidia.
In the past for Bitcoin AMD was better, so it all depends on what you're using it for.
wtf benchmarks are you using friend??
Movies postproduction in my case. So far I've only done some tv tier stuff and very little 3d. Before MARI and NUKE I want to learn Blender and Natron ( Opensource NUKE alternative ) and I thought that there is no need for me right now to buy FIrePro/Quadro tier GPU and I will be fine with R9 390X...

... with 8GB of VRAM I should be fine for some time I guess.

Just FYI, I can't say about Mari etc., but as far as Blender is concerned you wouldn't want a Quadro anyway. It's not written for that kind of card. It'll work (I think), but you'll get better performance out of a gamer card.

8GB will be enough, at least for Blender, unless you're doing really huge scenes. You might want to drop onto blenderartists and ask if the R9 390X is one of the cards supported by Cycles, though.

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