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So I played a D&D campaign with my older brother and his buddies, it was my first time playing and there was a fight with 4 gargoyles in an arena. It was really fun and I want to remake the fight in blender. I just started working on characters. This is a half elf druid.

I'm posting because I'm an amateur with cg and would like guidance. It is gonna be low poly and it doesn't need to be crazy polished, but if I can capture the events from the game and some of the funny moments that happened, that's all I need.
It sounds simple right? Model then animate it, super simple! Wow!
It's really not, if you haven't rigged before in your life, prepare yourself for a new level of FUN
Concept it (which I reckon would have been established since you're getting characters from your campaign), model it, UV it, rig it, animate it, render it, composite it, then you're done. Oh also environment modelling, UVing that, lighting the scenes, deciding what passes to render, etc.

It may sound simple, and it is to people that are more experienced, but regardless, it WILL be time consuming, so just bare that in mind.

Things to consider,
WIll the face be animated in anyway, if so, how?
What is your target render aesthetic?
You sure you want to rig your model in that pose?
Is the hair extruded edges on a main mesh? You will probably regret it during the UV stage

That said, your main body mesh and general proportions are pretty appealing, although I'm confused about the weird bump on the bridge of the nose

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