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Hi all, first time poster. Was redirected here from /g/

I am trying to print a 3D model. Working in Blender for the first time. I have a shape that i want to print (pic related, it is hyperbolic paraboloid).

I need help. I got this model from Thingverse and it has shitload of faces and edges, really hard to work on. Would like to build a same model myself from a cube but do not know how to do it. What i need to do is to put a point in the middle of the edge of cube and then extrude it, but do it so the end is not sharp but round (extruded shape would not be a triangle but arc). How can i do this?

Probably not even worth creating a thread for such a silly question
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sorry wrong pic.
I'm not experienced in either of these, but here's my thoughts: NURBS might help you on the modelling side, but eventually the 3D printing software will probably convert it to a mesh of polygons anyway.
anyone know how to make shape in this pic? should be quite easy?
Try manipulating vertices on a subdivided cube with propotional editing enabled
File: convex thing.png (94.62 KB, 1462x848)
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1, make cube, go into edit mode, select all edges (key "A" on the keyboard) and make the "mean crease" 1 on all of them. When you make a full(1) mean crease on the edges its wont be subdivided/smoothed there on this edge.

2, make loop cuts like a parcel.

3, mush vertical loopcut ontop down and cut horizontal up

4; to get a smooth shape you apply subsurf modifier
could also do that by starting with just a plane, then duplicate, extrude, and evenly scale the outermost edge loop to get the cube.

You probably can make it a bunch of different ways, maybe even try boolean, but I just thought this was the easiest way for OP to replicate because it doesnt have that much work stepts and should be doable by someone with little expirience.
File: Capture.jpg (131.17 KB, 1366x768)
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>hyperbolic paraboloid
enable this add-on that lets you make meshes from math functions. all that's left to do is to extrude/scale the outer loop to make a cube.

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