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How do you rig, pose and perhaps also animate living slimes, jellies and other marco-sized amoebas?

What is, i nyour opinion the optimal pipeline for doing a lot of stills of an amoeba-type creature? Let's say you're making a D&D themed comic and these critters pop up constantly. Would you concede going all the way back to the modeling software and remaking the base model for every take?
Just model a blob, rig it and animate it. If you want some dripping and melting effect you just make an animated material.
If you want it to actually change forms and such I think you have to use blendshapes.
>blendshapes on a jelly
are you retarded?

I would consider using clusters.

Could you please elaborate/link an example? I don't seem to be able to find anything 3d software related by keyword "clusters", that'd look like a semi-uniform mass.

PS Happy new year.
I'd probably just skin the creature around a viscous fluid sim and guide the simulation to create movements. Or just skin it to a rig that suits it and make the skin dynamic, so that it deforms to contact with the ground and other stuff and jiggles with physics.
You dave to just bind the mesh to a series of unparented bones and guide them with a really specialized rig. You might need a special rig for every single movement it does.
Not him but this should give you some idea
Basically you use a lattice and take a group of points and sort of combine them to make a cluster.

One of my teachers worked on Monsters Vs Aliens (the show, unfortunately, not the original movie) but I asked him about it and he said the slime dude here was rigged similarly to this, but with a bunch of extra physics junk on the model so it would wobble slightly after he moved, and the base would constantly drip over itself.
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Use meta-bals.
how would one create those folds at the base?
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bost you're best kevin memes pls
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