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What should I major in if I want to do 3D animation?
I've been googling the past few days and all that seems to come up is kind of niche programs at CSUs or for-profit art institutes.

Is it really worth it?
google animation school
Well my issue currently is whether or not I should even go to school for animation?

If so, then lately I've been looking into CSUs (California State Universities) such as Fullerton, or Long beach. Both said to have great programs. Would you recommend this as well? Or is an "animation school" more preferable in your opinion?
go to a specilized school like gnomon and alikes that only have teachers with industry experience

learning things in theory can only get you so far, you have to establish modern day workflows only a good industry person can give
Do you have any experience in specialized schools?
I fear that going to a specialized school may land me in an employment niche that will gain but only few looks. I looked on the BLS and it noted that many often get a degree in Computer Graphics. I thought perhaps this could be an option that allows for a plan B in case 3D animation falls through.

People also keep recommending just learning on my own along side a "real" degree, but that seems almost counterproductive with, like you said, industry personnel.
i don't see it as school A or school B
i only see how many years of experience your teacher has and if he had any notable clients

i think it matters, also getting to work with tools like maya and certain plugins that are already being used in existing workflows is also important
This. The school doesnt make the quality, the lecturers and professors do.
Ianimate, animation mentor, or animschool are good animation schools. Jobs care about good reels, not degrees. Avoid schools that give fake credits. Go to animation school to learn, not for an animation diploma.

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